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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
then. Opinions pro or con are welcome.

Speechless in NMB

North Miami Beach, FL January 23, 2010
A.H. Schectman

As Bob Herbert put it in today’s NY Times,The amount of rhetoric generated these days over our problems at home make the answers that much harder to be found. Thus, I do not think any additional formulations that I  have created for my essays are necessary or in any way will help in the crisis we have here in the United States.  Disasters have consequences.Witness our Haitian neighbor suffering a natural disaster causing a huge outpouring of support from Americans.  All the anguish uttered by nations around the world were put to shame by the huge response  of the tiny reviled far off nation, Israel, Actual help, real physical being there in place set the example for others with their pious mouthings. So the wars against evil continue to be fought mainly on the floor s of Congress and in the presidential office of information which add up to words, words and more words.

If there were any real substance behind the words that formulate in my brain I would add them here now. But, I have no answers just like  most others.  I know this but the mouthy,  rhetorical others cannot or will not shut their mouths, drop their pens and try working out solutions instead of taking positions to help them politically. Self serving politicians may be necessary in Washington but they are not helping in Haiti or finding jobs here in the U.S.  and stopping the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

   While I am speechless in North Miami Beach, Florida the wars go on, Haiti has been practically wiped off the map of the world and there are millions in the United States who suffer  because of the inaction of our Congress. Shots may be heard around the world but words do not have the same effect. So, We are left with words, words, words; the feckless rhetoric over which fighting for meaning takes place of real action. The hungry  continue to be hungry, The wounded pile up, wars sap our resources, and joblessness is just as bad today as it has been for years. The elderly grow older and their problems have not gone away.  Americans have cried out for help to solve these problems.The answers continue to be words. I think we should all shut up  And find something useful to do.  


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