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Cynicism & Opportunism Won For Republicans

North Miami Beach, FL January 21, 2010
A.H. Schectman

        It seems clear to me that clever and cynical conservatives were able to take advantage of liberal drowsiness following the democratic surge that elected Barack Obama as president of the United States of America .  There are two different types of obvious things - one is for Liberals and one is for Conservatives. 

        Democrats  believe that now is the time to enact universal Health Care and jobs legislation while fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . Cynical Republicans, noted that this might be the time to seize the moment and elect a Republican senator who might change the odds and make it possible for a filibuster to be revived again. This could kill the Democrat super majority.  I think this is not as bad as it looks.  Yes Republicans were able to take advantage Democrat complacency. But bring the Democrat universal Health Care bill up for a vote and let there be a  Republican filibuster. this could very well expose the cynicism of the opponents and allow all to see who is responsible for paring down and crippling this legislation. Democrat willingness to concede and retreat from obdurate positions has not won a presidential win.

             All right, so the unthinkable has happened. The Massachusetts Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy is no longer in Democratic hands.  Live with it and get to work to make what Ted Kennedy wanted a reality. My Carol sent money to help  Martha Coakley the Democrat, defeat Scott Brown While that Democrat sat on her hands instead of  waking up to shake her constituents hands and get them out to vote. A new page  has turned.  A new opportunity has turned up.

             I would hate to think that the same people responsible for electing Scott Brown agreed with the Conservative voices that said the Haitians brought this disaster on themselves. Such thinking makes no sense . Right thinking persons of all political persuasions know that human misery reflects on all of us. We must get out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, help the Haitians and create a universal Health Care package that are all overdue.

             The time is right now to do the right thing.  Let opponents of doing the right thing show who they are and let us not be afraid.  As a last comment: it should be noted that the citizens of Massachusetts have a health plan in place that covers all.


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