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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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I know I am repeating myself

North Miami Beach, FL January 14, 2010
A.H. Schectman

This is a sensitive subject.  We all know the whole world is broken and the United States can’t fix all the problems.  In fact much in the United States is frayed and does not work all the time.  I feel your discontent and agree with you when you say it should be easy to fix broken things if you start noticing that they are not working.  You also note that our leaders are not  leading but what you do not see is that you and I are not doing our job of overseeing the work we delegate to the men and the women we have elected.  We all are not doing our jobs and our country and the world are falling apart.  I have no answers except to feel frustrated and tired of stating  the obvious

 Last things first-the earth quake in Haiti must be attended to while we are making up our minds to get out of Afghanistan and stop the war in Iraq.  At home in America our sick, wounded and aged wait for universal Health Care and provisions similar to what our legislators carefully crafted for themselves.

 As I said, I am repeating myself for I have said this before. I think cradle to grave governmental oversight over a program that will provide this to 100% of our population is what is desperately needed.  How about all of us demanding that we get what our elected officials enjoy and then begin finishing helping the Haitians and continue our mission to heal the world

 There is a song which says it all – Circle round for freedom, circle round for peace.  For all of us imprisoned –circle round for release. Circle for the planet. Circle for each soul. For the future of our children, keep the circle whole.


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