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Thinking Allowed Archives 2009

> Incommunicado
> Funny How a Name Pops Up
> I Just Sing the Words
> Monitoring Exporting Western Culture Through Trash
> Ideas, Issues and reflections on the Times Are Still Plentiful
> Where Have All the Old Jobs Gone?
> Why We Believe
> Demonology
> Let Us Welcome 5770
> Speaking to All but All do not Listen
> When Professors Go on strike
> Ersatz
> Musing About 'Greatness"
> A specter Is haunting the World's Computers
> Here's an RX for You
> Similar, But not at all Alike
> I've Fallen and I Can't get Up
> Proclaiming One's Patrimony
> Killing, Murder, Assassination
> Time for Final Trading on Health
> Entrances and Exits
> Lifetime Appointments
> Aliens: What to Do About Them
> Been There, Done That
> The Lag-behind Reaction
> Macro and Micro Theology
> Those Works Projects
> Summer Camp for Floridians All Year Long
> "You're Doing Fine"
> Reflections on Love, Family and Growing Up
> A Dreadful Ruling
> The Happiness Versus Property Conundrum
> Missing From the Glorious 4th Weekend
> Cross the Creation Museum Off Your List
> It's Official: I've Joined the World Is Warming Crowd
> Thoughts on the Evolution of God
> Center State Once Again: Michael Jackson
> The John Birch Society Rises Once Again
> Doing the Marathon Thing
> Mired in the Status Quo
> The Apologists for Greed Creed
> The "News" According to R. Limbaugh
> Our Waterways Are Still Used as Toilets
> A Pageful of Top Cosmetic Doctors
> 5 to 4 Is Pretty Slim in Cases of Life and Death
> The Paranoia of Waiting for My Money
> There Is Something to Be Said About Ants
> Emptyness of the Empty Nest
> Different Sides See Earth in Opposing Ways
> Watches and Char-broils
> My Two worst Cases of American Choices
> The History I learned Does Not Exist Today
> The Constant Repetition of Senseless Acts
> Problems at Home - Solutions Abroad. "It Don't Work That Way"
> Who Owns and Runs America
> Thoughts on 5 Ways to Fix American Schools
> When Will You Be Ready for theRest of Your Life?
> Jobs - Those Never Coming Back - Others Just Promises
> Pharaoh Barack I, Dynasty Obama - Has Spoken
> The Signs Are There, But That Is What Is Not So Fearsome
> It Is Funny (Peculiar) How We Believe in Democracy
> Legacy of Early Attempts to Be Human
> It's Always 'or Something Else'
> While Darfur Burns, Sotomayer's Words Sting
> The Manipulated and the Manipulators
> Sam Maloof Has Died at 93
> Judicial Reasoning
> The Folly of Fusion Is its Expense
> A Learning Curve
> What Is it That We Memorialize?
> Thinking Ethically About Prosecuting Terror
> Falling Apart - This Old House and ...
> Are They Out to Get You, too?
> Futility of Explaining the Past and Future
> "Pakistan, Arguably the Most Dangerous Country on Earth"
> Hey Chicken Little, You Got it Wrong
> A Movie to Make You Think
> Cars - Transportation or What?
> Goals and Deadlines
> On My Honor, I Will Do My Best
> A Universal Pastime
> What a Difference a Collar Makes
> Puppets of the Mind
> Some Thoughts About "Mothers"
> Unhappy With the Flag? Wash It, Don't Burn It
> Disappointment Reigns as Media Abdicates
> Some Random Thoughts
> The Ownership of the Right to Speak for God
> Pete Seeger's Banjo vs T. Roosevelt's Big Stick
> The Flu
> I Have a Thought
> A Stealth Justice?
> Remembering
> One Out, Two In
> From Your Non Prophet Organization: In Reason We Trust
> Looking for the Appropriate Word
> 'Been a Long Time Since the Great Depression
> Crises (That's Plural)
> My 2nd Bar Mitzvah Must Actually Be on 08-15-09
> Clear Cutting Forests, Bulldozing Neighborhoods
> Using the Sun's and Wind's Power
> This Past Weekend Was Filled With "Culture"
> What Is Neither Nationalism or Socialism
> Ambassadors from Antiquity
> Whittling Down to Work Time
> I Like Then Spotted
> Hijacking Journalism
> Thoughts on Those Who Think Not
> Ol' Rushbo and What Happened to Air Radio
> Wi' a Little Bit O' Luck
> Arrgh - Just Step to the end of the Plank
> We Have One of Those
> Humanity Even for Non-Humans
> Can Punishment Fit the "Crime"?
> 77 Days and What Do They Show About Obama
> Getting Close to Passover
> Capturing Chantal
> Everything in the Past Is Memory, Everything in the Future Is Imagination
> My Inner "Traffic Policeman"
> Different Attitudes Towards Pain
> You Have to See the Humor in It
> Those Old Romans Had a Way With It
> What Shall I Do? I Don't Have $90.00.
> From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Sunday, March 28, 2009
> Just Some Netting for $10.00
> Classic Causes to "Legalize"
> Dudu Did It Again
> Historians Cannot Accept the Explanations of "God" or "Angels"
> Progressof a Sort
> "Coming Back to Life"
> Digtging Up the Past and Trying to Read It
> Delayed Projects (SOB)
> "Nothing Is Free" - B. Obama
> Meaphorically Speaking
> Crisis
> Mr. Brooks Probably Never Saw a Bonus He Didn't Like
> A Sticking Point in the Joy of Coingeniality
> Going to Sing in Church
> What Am I Missing
> Spontaneous Generation of Terror Groups
> The Dangters of Telling Off Authorities
> Why Don't the Public Schools Have Charters?
> Fueled by Immigration Fears, The Economy, and the Rise of Power of a Black President, Hate Groups in America Rose again Lasst year
> Consider the Countertenor
> Intrinsic and Extrinsic
> You Can't Make This Stuff Up - Can You?
> What You Can See From an 8th Story Window
> China Wants Its Treasures Back: Doesn't Everyone?
> Looking for a Job, Any Job
> A Clarification on the Origins of Socialism
> Demonzing the Sermonzers
> My Own Pork Story : What's In It For Me?
> Thus Spake Obama
> Cosmotopia
> Mr. Ching, Doctor Pincus and Assorted Offers
> To Nationalize or Not
> Two Can Play the Same Game: Different Times
> One of Their Own Tells How It Is
> Cleaning Up Afterwards - Sampling Efforts
> Beliefs Might Be Stronger than Knowing
> Images Suggested by the Don Quixote Ballet
> Things Descriptive Rather than Predictable
> Semanics: A Republic and/or a Democracy
> Facing Pages - Conflicting Viewpoints
> Taking Shape: A Trip Around the World
> Natural Selection - Human Style
> Some Gentle Criticism of Musical Selections
> Hitler Now Lives to the South of US
> Mimimum-Award-Less and More
> Hiding in Plain Site - Dr. Death Hid in Mosque
> Do Gooders
> Irving Feiner + Soapbox = Free Speech
> Help Me Understand Something
> When a Contract Is Not a Contract
> Cleaning Up Afterwards
> Paying More But Getting Less
> What Is the Difference Between Ponzi, Maddof and Insurance Plans?
> Acknowleging Science Boosts Democracy
> Monitoring the State of Confusion in Science
> Tearing Down Is Beginning as the Winning Team Starts to Rebuild America
> Where Did You Watch the Inauguration?
> Living by Cliches
> The American People: The American Family
> Pleading With Authority
> Those Aggressive, Won't Say No, Ads
> On Being Surprised and Flabbergasted
> The Gaza Drama
> Why Each Generation Defines Itself in Terms of...
> Men Are Not in the Equation of Sex Traffic
> The Obama Solutions
> Tools
> Here's A Pretty Good Idea
> Fairy Tales, Foibles, Fables and Fanaticism,
> Yesterday We Saw Avenue Q
> Revaluing the Worth of Human Lives
> It Has Happened Here
> Here it Is in the New Year and I have Already Completed One of My Resolutions


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