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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
then. Opinions pro or con are welcome.


North Miami Beach, FL November 19, 2009
A.H. Schectman

In Stephen King’s The Stand, his character, Nick Andros; a deaf mute is taught how to read and write and learns that his affliction made him incommunicado. In an adventure with thugs he was almost blinded which further distanced him from the world of discourse. He could not speak but he could think and write to connect with others.

I can speak but for over thirty years I have been connected with colleagues, friends and acquaintances through the medium of e-mail and the internet. I learned how to use a computer in an “Apple Orchard” set up at Monmouth College and since t hen I have owned and used five computers, each new one supplanting an older one for a newer one with greater power, added abilities and expanded memory. Carol has willingly become more than a critic and has encouraged my writing by editing my “stuff” with a professional eye for grammar and syntax.

I have transferred a novel, I have titled -Nebuchadnezzar’s Pillar, which waits for a middle and an ending as well as putting into print daily one page essays on ideas, issues and my reflections on the times. Since my stroke on July 20, 2009, THINKING ALLOWED has been suspended. Because of obvious problems with my 5 year- old Dell computer and the older HP printer; Carol and Hal conspired to buy a new HP printer and an HP computer with speech to text for which we hired an engineer tech to install, He promptly took the Dell and the new HP with him to transfer all the information from the mortally wounded old one to the new. This is expensive but Hal has a discount with HP which helps.

I am writing this on Carol’s laptop so I am not completely incommunicado. The absence of a completely assembled and functioning computer from our computer room created a void in my life added to my inability to use all of my fingers to communicate on a keyboard. Our technician. David, whom we found at The Geek Patrol, will return the new computer with all the old information in a few days. He promised to teach us how to use the new hardware with all the accompanying software installed by him. Greg, our latest tech, has just left after teaching us the ins and outs of the new Windows 7. Being in communication with all those on my e-mail list has been a one-way street. When I am up and running again I hope for dialogues and enlarged content - way beyond tweets and Facebook walls.

The imagined Nick Andros may have been severely handicapped but people looked to him as a leader for he used his head to think up solutions to problems and he did make a difference. I am back in front of my new computer and wanted to tell you that I missed you.


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