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Funny How a Name Pops Up

North Miami Beach, FL September 30, 2009
A.H. Schectman

On the front page this morning with the story continued on an inside page, the nameOf a former pupil of Carol's was featured because this candidate for theGovernorship of New Jersey, Christopher Christy, is an extreme fan of the music of Bruce Springsteen.  Carol's memory of him as a little boy is favorable; for he was a nice little boy But now that he is acting like a jerk, she wonders about his qualifications. Carol points out that his involvement with this entertainer is a lot over done and perhaps he should have outgrown his obsession.


            When he was a young man his parents had to tell him to lower his music and later, turn it off.  At college his room-mate made rules about when he could play his Springsteen. He proudly boasts that all of his children went to a Springsteen concert ín utero.

             His wife really wanted to go to Europe on vacation so he took her for a short vacation to Paris and London but with the understanding two of the days were reserved for him to see the Boss's concerts.  Yesterday a Livingston friend called to tell Carol That Christie is running a commercial to dispel the rumor that he is opposed to Medicare which paid for mammograms. What it is, is a Christie look-alike who states the mammograms saved his mother's life.  There is a woman sitting next to him and the viewer assumes she is his mother.  The only problem with this picture is that his mother, Sandy died of cancer 4-5 years ago!  

 Since announcing his candidacy, Mr. Christie has not only made a JackassOut of himself because of his Springsteen monomania but he revived some very clear memories that are mixed.

 Carol was a very hard working teacher but not all of her students were of the quality to seek the highest office in New Jersey.  She had many students who became doctors or lawyers.  We have even seen a play written by a writer who Carol taught to read and write.


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