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Thinking Allowed Archives 2008

> Some Thoughts at the Year's End
> The Truth Is I Lied to You
> When the Winds Don't Blow and the Sun Doesn't Shine
> Clean Up Your Mess
> One Satisfying Way to Spend Christmas Day
> Merry Xmas, Fly-Ash Ponds and All
> Wishing for What You Don't Have
> Mr. Bush Still Hasn't Caught Mr. bin Laden
> Resolution of Printer Problem
> Deleting Requests From a Pit With a Bottom
> Two Pre-New Years' Resolutions
> Consulting in Alabama and With Manila
> Ax
> Once Again; In Defense of Tenure
> Spoiling the Spoils of Politics - a Blood Sport
> Restless People
> The Bush/Obama Limbo
> Slugging it Out
> Entertaining Assisted Living
> It's Not Easy Loafing Around All Day
> Class
> Absent Fearing Fear Itself - Try Scare
> I LIve in the South - But Don';t Know What 'South' Is
> Armistice, Veterans & End the War Day
> The Sum of All Things
> Upcoming Seasons
> Dancing Around Technical Terms
> Equating Gun Buying With Socialism
> Thinking About the Blessing (Barak) of Democracy
> The End of the Beginning
> A Powerfu Memoir of Demonic Times
> Prdedators on the Internet
> The Hyphenated - American Thing
> Victims Who Are Exploited
> Views of Reality
> I'm Not Sure If I Approve This Mesage
> The Palin Golem Meets India's Moon Goddess
> Toll Free Toll Roads
> As The Days Dwindle Down
> Tweaking Hearing
> The S.W.I.N.E.* Are Missing in This Election
> So, Today We Went to See and Then Voted
> Some Pros and Cons About Voting Early
> Searching Through the Junk of Ages
> Why Write About Nebuchadnezzar's Pillar?
> Two New Projects - Subtitled: Delay Writing
> Post Debate Depression
> Not So Long Ago, But Still Fresh Today
> Revisiting the G.I. Bill Idea
> Dithering
> Thre Is More to Class Than Just Money
> Yesterday We Made Waves
> Humor Is a Funny Thing
> Atonement, Repentence - Acceptance?
> The Joe and Sarah Show
> Cabaret: Importance of Keeping it Alive
> Images Projected by Candidates in a Debate
> Flipping Through the Calendar
> The Election Served with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
> The Eve of 5769
> The Howard
> What Was Left Unsaid in the First Debate
> The Ship of State Drifting Helmless
> The Leak Tells You When You Must Bail-Out
> Dual Senior Moments
> Trust
> Trust
> The Difference Between Policy and Politics
> We're Going to an Obama Rally Today
> 2 Nice KIds; What Did They Do to be Bombed?
> When IT Rains, Does It Rain on Everybody?
> While the Waters Recede
> Small Problems, Many Solutions
> Super Heroes, Golems and Saviors
> Shape-Shifters, Flip-Floppers and Engineers
> Some Side-Effects of Hurricanes
> 7 Years of Pain Unresolved
> I Was Just Reminded That Infamy Without the In is Just "Famy"
> Dispatches from Dog-Patch
> When a Friend Passes
> Dysfunction, Thy Name Is American Politics
> The Feeling That Something Is Out to Get You
> Free? What Does That Mean?
> Time Out for Cheap Shots at MCain's Pick
> The Great Grand-daughter Effect
> The Toxic Legacies of the Bush Presidency
> Hurricane News 24/7 Exposes Dike Weaknesses
> The Labor Day Opportunity
> While We Were Away Fay Visited
> Some Thoughts on Returning Home
> Come With Me Lucille in My Flying Belt Machine
> Some Thoughts Before an Extended Absence
> Recurrent Themes
> Sniping, Undercutting With Faint Praise
> Reducing Dependence on Oil - Let Me Count the Ways
> Barbarians Destroy a Statue
> Notions About the Commander-in-Chief
> Some Observations About Hand-outs for Ducks
> Too Big to Fail, Thus, Too Small to Save
> Some Things You Would Think They Would Get Right
> It Couldn't Be Deliberate, Could It?
> The Disparity in the Value of Human Life
> A Parody*
> Mr. Louis
> Matthew Hiasl Pan, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
> A Black Boot
> What Is a Right or a Benefit or a Luxury
> Hosting a Low-Maintenance Member of the Family
> Consider the Fourth and a Fatwa
> Teacher Pay - Perennial Political Football
> Do As Kristol Does But Not as Kristol Thinks
> Some "Old Think" Verities
> Getting There Alternatively
> Torture: A Job With a Past and Present
> Where Are the Arms Kept That You Can Bear?
> Supreme Justice
> One of America's Mosst Popular Pastimes
> To Be "Off-Kilter" and Irreverent
> Disassembling an Abode
> Voluntary Taxation - Response to Cries of Give!
> What In the World Were They Thinking?
> Just As Bad As a Virus
> The Hydrogen Fuel Car Is Here - But You Can't Have One
> Which Is Worse?
> Sources of Pride
> An Ode to Father's Day
> The Trouble With Not Being Computer Savvy Enough
> Cheating in E-Mail Advertising
> Be Prepared
> Leadership More Interested in Protecting Industry Than the Environment
> The Perennial Tax on Stupidity
> You Can't Win
> Genizah
> Not Dead Yet
> Consider the Martyr
> This Facebook Thing
> Same Thing, All the Time, All Day and Every Day
> Spending Time in a World Without End
> How It Is Done
> The Picture in My Mind Replaced by a Hug
> How to Get Ready
> "Our Grease and Your Grease Will Be Our Gas One Day"
> Disenfranchisement - How Many?
> Water, Water Somewhere
> The Absent Thing That Shames Memorial Day
> I Wrote Something Yesterday
> Keepsakes
> Be of Good Cheer - Seek the Tiny Print
> In the Eye of the Beholder
> You Can't Get There From Here
> It'a a Mitzvah
> Bush the Insignificant or Bush the Superfluous
> It Is Happening in Our Own Backyard
> Enough, Already
> Makatok
> Universal Health Care
> The Day After
> Misplaced Battle Over Corn: Energy's the Thing
> Missing: Conversations About Gender
> Knowledge, Wisdom and Human Predilections
> Pitching Pennies
> The Futility of Hope
> Telephones and More Telephones
> The Enormity of Power
> Cinco de Mayo and June 5th
> Impressionable Words
> Squatters
> Competing for Your Attention: Vital News
> May Day
> When Things Go Flat
> Didja Ever Stub Your Toe?
> Went to a Concert Yesterday
> Some Thoughts on Religions and Science
> Hearing Better - Not Much Is Better
> Education at Risk and Loss
> The Fast Track
> It Looks Like My Writing Is Like the Primaries
> Thoughts on"The Only Planet We Have"
> Farblundjed
> Messiahship
> The Much Too Long Road to Rehab
> The Penalty of Death
> Two Good Candidates - No Great Speeches
> Issues Lost While Infighting
> A Chance to Vote Changing Thinking Allowed
> Mutuality
> The Next Few Days
> My Favorite Song
> Moses Is Dead
> The Unceasing Obsession to Sell Me Things
> The Rocket as a Symbol
> Respect Your Teachers
> Promised Land or Utopia: Same Thing
> April, 4th Monthe - Fools, Us - Just One Day?
> Choice of Candidates
> ... Has Consequences
> The Late Arrival of Understanding
> Dramatic Bits of Theatre Now Playing
> Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Notable Dates
> Joining Two by Crossing a Gap
> Dynamic Tension
> It Is Time for New Celebratory Dishes
> No, the Order Is All Wrong
> A Man (Pastor) Without a Country?
> Just Make Sure That Gun Is Unloaded
> A Parable About a Sinking Ship
> Mass Destruction of the Status Quo
> Our Leak Is Fixed, We Got to Ruach and Practiced Singing
> I've Sort of Moved
> "Intelligence", Artificial or Otherwise
> Recurring Themes
> The Deeper Implicaations of Bad Behavior
> Some Thoughts on the Wrong Use of Education
> Exclude, Depart & Revoke
> What Do You Do When the Power Goes Out?
> Digging Amongst the Files
> Stupid and Ineffectual
> How to Get From Here to There
> I Think They're Just About the Same
> Hopeless in Gaza
> Pets: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and Others
> The Other Florida
> Thank You, Rube Goldberg
> A Tumultuous Evening of Agreeing to Disagree
> Where the Buck Stops
> On Just One Page
> Picky - Pity
> An Eclipse and Killing a Spy While Watching a Footprint
> Miracles vs Evolution
> Where's the Green?
> The Puzzle of Faith in an Evolving World
> The Everlasting Need of Protein
> Minimize or Maximize, Hyperbole Is at Work
> 600 Naked Bodies on a Glacier
> I Don't Wanna
> Victim Protection
> Once More, the Popular Puppet Project
> Tapa, Tapa, Bang Clink
> SAINT Valentine's Day Is NOT a Jewish Holiday
> The Sad Thing About Money in Elections
> Bedfellow Politics
> Comics That Mock Us With Animals That Speak
> Rethinking Baby
> Angels
> Speed up, Internet Accessed - Short Revolt
> The Perfidy of Machines - Time to Revolt
> The Costly Price of a Ringside Seat
> The Face Obviously Missing in This Election
> So the Crowd Is Dwindling Down to a Precious Few
> A Snub, If a Snub - and, so What?
> Infrastructure
> Green to the Extreme?
> The Next Step Afterwards
> Soloveitchik
> You've Got to Appreciate Bush
> Collective Punishment
> Now Take Investors for Instance
> The Cooperative Imperative and the Spirit of Individualistic Self-Interest
> Eruptions, Volcanic and Otherwise
> Reduced to Stealing Trees
> Jesus Returns to the Sanctuary
> Locked in the Bosom of the New Birth Baptist Church
> When the Lineup Is in Doubt -Punt
> The Importance of Sunshine
> Cancelling Each Other Out
> Spinning and Juggling: Two Underlying Principles
> Deal!
> My I.D.
> Sir Ed: The Importance of Being First
> Dividers, Uniters, Deciders
> Clean Energy
> Knowing the Precise Moment You Are Old
> Plagues, Past and Present
> Tales of a Wedding That Didn't Happen
> We're Off to Be Part of a Wedding
> Here Is One Way of Looking at It
> Some Thoughts on a Lingua Franca
> Succession Through Assassination


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