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Thinking Allowed Archives 2007

> Junk Drawer Optimism
> When in Doubt, Write What You Know About
> As the Days Dwindle Down
> Terrorism Votes at Ballot Boxes
> What Kwanzaa Means to Me
> Some Random Thoughts at Xmas
> Didja Notice?
> Puppetopia
> Winter, 2007-2008
> In the Rockets Red Glare, Bombs Bursting
> The Big Question - Castro Giving Up?
> Bombs Keep Falling on My Head
> A Regularly Expected Transitiion
> The Three Freedoms and Troublesome Fourth
> Scrivener, Scribbler, Scribe, Copyist
> Computer Literacy - Illusive, but Good!
> Some Before Thoughts on After Life
> Faith Based Presidency vs Fanatical Theocracy
> Narrow Gauge vs Wide Gauge Democracy
> I have Been Accused of Being Negative
> I've Had Them - Those Dreams of Flying
> Using Puppets in Education
> 1945
> Frisked by Israeli Security in NMB
> Mixed Families - Mixed Apartments
> The H2O Conundrum
> Spurious Democracy
> Winnowing the Herd (or Flock)
> How Science Is Sandbagged by "Scientists"
> Science Fiction Isn't Fiction
> My Personal Story of Puppetry (Continued)
> Two Bunches of Folks Floundering About
> Hopeful Sayings From Doctors
> National School Testing
> The Noose and the Lash
> The Catch 22 of Faith
> Spontaneous Generation
> My First Two Marionettes
> Infuriating
> That Cloning Controversy
> A Starting Point
> Winnowing the Herd
> Tony Sarg
> Altering the Death Penalty
> Witches - Then and Now
> Oil Troubling the Waters
> The Funny Pages Aren't Funny Anymore
> Adding My Left Profilers to My Address List
> Veteranism
> Once There Were the 'Glades'
> A Reality Check on Family
> What If a Real Terrorist Attack Happened?
> I Had a Thought That Terrified Me
> Great Expectations
> Thinking About Unforgettable Characters
> How Other People Live
> Writing Less, Feeling Better - Lots to Think About
> Killers on the Court
> Once More on Taxes
> Treat or Trick
> Sketching : Fascination With Doors
> Returned Safely, Became Asthmatic: Hard to Get Back to Writing
> Closing Down: End of a Year and a New One
> The Origins of the Master Race
> Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Times
> Health: Care and Costs
> What Is Being Said About Habeas Corpus?
> Packing Up
> Death of a Killer
> Shofars Great and Trumpets Small
> A Confluence of Observance: An Obligation
> Is Every Hat Now tossed in the Ring?
> A Day Truly Unlike Any Other Day
> Reflections on the Passage of Time
> Delving into Freud
> To Kvetch Is not the Question
> Curmudgeonly Things
> Stumbling into a Blog and Was I Surprised
> The Selfish, Mendacious and Vicious
> Jason and the Golden Cursor
> Spending Some Time With Colonel Rose Mary
> Traveling With Harry - Spells, Curses, Wands and Magic
> This Thinking Allowed Is in the Form of an Answer to an Article in the Miami Herald
> Sleeping With Edna Buchannan
> Deficient Maybe; Dysfunctional probably
> Gotta Go Now
> On Being Tested
> Worm Came Knocking on My Door, Doo Dah, Doo Dah
> Letting God Take Over
> Pain
> Public Necessary Failities
> While God Slept
> Double Jeopardy
> A Photo Session
> An Interview
> Self-Dealing Corporate Greedheads
> A World Without Defects
> Another Building Project
> It's Good to Be King
> I'm Thinking About Getting a New Chair
> Huts for Humanity: Palaces for the Few
> If I Only Had More Time
> Based on Faith and Not on Fact
> Suddenly, I've Become a Magnet
> Analog Is So 20th Century
> I've Got to Tell You About a New Device
> Where, Oh Where Can He Be?
> The Fear of Taxation
> How Hard Can It Be to Teach?
> Our Robotic Past, Present and Future
> We Strongly Recommend Seeing Sicko
> We're Off to See the Movie Sicko
> Land
> On Vulnerability
> Puffing with Pride - Bursting Buttons
> On Leadership
> Mr. Coyote and Mr. Gator VS Mr. Fido and Ms. Kitty
> Some Thoughts on Extended Holidays
> Some Reflectrions on Jackass Braying
> Things Change With a Single Step
> The Current Conservative Supreme Court
> Maybe Mr. Sicko Has a Point
> Wanting a Yad
> The Evolution of the Idea of Evolution
> A Sequel to Confounding the Thought Poilice
> Thought Police at Work: Keep a Dead Pan
> Incompetence Is no Disqualification
> From Grand to Great
> Cut From the Same Piece of Cloth
> Comparisons of Unfastidious Types
> Pejoratives to Handle Nasty Nuisances
> This Merit Pay Thing for Teachers
> Thinking About Fatherhood
> Nix on Fat, Salt, Sugar & Save Lives
> Florida Is a Funny (Peculiar) Land
> The Trivial and Superficial
> The Small, the Larger and the Unimaginable
> In Barack's Own Words
> A Week of Not Writing
> A Proposal for a European Style American Union
> A Visit to 2nd Mesa, Arizona Was Instructive
> The Devil Is in the Little Details Left Over
> After the Memorialization
> Balancing Acts
> Blessings and Curses
> "Act White" and Other Helpful Hints
> Staying in America
> Caretakers in America - Remember Grandma?
> A Book Is Not Just a Scroll Any More
> What We Do or Do Not Know
> A Simple Idea to Light the Darkness
> Maybe You Know What Happened to the Urim and Thummim
> Remember the Guy With Two Left Feet?
> A Fresh Look at Greed
> A Parable About War, Hunger & Smug at Home
> The MORAL MAJORITY vs an oral minority
> The Subatomic World
> Making Do Rather Than Expecting the Best
> The Best of Mothers, the Worst of Mothers
> The Slippery Slope of Upward Mobility
> The Eulogy
> Fast as Fire or Slow as Seeping Saltwater
> Cycles of Life
> Lazy Tuesday
> Liberation + or - Theology
> The Jubilee Accretion
> The Unfriendly Search for Coal and Oil
> What Carol and Queen Elizabeth II Have in Common
> World of Order VS Forces of Disorder
> Making a Machine to Sift the Tides Instead of Digging Holes in the Sea
> A New Welcome Page for Thinking Allowed
> Alienation of Connections
> The Dasn't Do's
> Paper Trail
> Debates
> What You Should Know About the SPLC
> The Al Gore Legacy
> Read the Fine Lines in the Contract
> Some Things You Never Understand
> From Fetus to Mother and Back to Woman and Choice
> When Oceans Rise - Inconvenient Places to Live
> Gonzalez, Ban on Abortions, Virginia Debacle
> Perils of Protecting Oneself
> About Freeze-ups and the Kindness of People
> Texas - The Teach the Bible State
> Not Your Ordinary Survivors
> A Just War: What a Concept
> Appreciating a Scholar
> Imus Everyday: Grade = Trash
> A Cop's Mentality
> Recalling, Retelling the Exodus and Other Difficult Imagery
> The Fighting Season Has Reappeared
> How Supply-Side Economics & Trickle-Down Practices Betrayed America
> Faith & Morality Win While Infrastructure Loses
> Time Served
> Death Comes Riding on Raindrops That Turned to Floods
> Is It Kosher?
> This Is Not an April Fool's Day Story
> Is the U.S. Still a Christian Nation?
> On Scattering Ashes
> Some Thoughts on the Thinking of A.H. Ali
> Spying for the Sake of Intimidation
> Rethinking African Backwardness
> Things We Don't Celebrate Anymore
> Redacting the Quranic Canon
> Nation Building, Recreating, Dissolving
> Abdullah Probably Won't Listen to Friedman
> Ayaan Hirsi Ali
> Formal, Ceremonial Apologies
> A Family Anecdote
> Failure to Function
> Note: 200 Arrested for Praying
> Simplify, Clarify; Make Them Think
> Sadness Over the Passing of a Superhero
> Huge Masses of Polar Ice and Nuggets of Dirt
> Managing Death
> The Phony, The Snookered and the Few
> Giggling, The Human Response
> Giselle Trumps Danny Kaye
> Aimless and Limbless in a Wounded World
> Crucial First Steps and Consequences
> Celebrating Janet
> Pardoning George W. Bush
> Tipping Points
> Going Solo
> The World Did Not End When It Was Suggested That Jesus Did Not Go to Heaven But His Bones May Be Those in an Ossuary in Jerusalem
> No Escape From the 20th Century
> Aromas
> A Scale for Measuring Chutzpah
> A Critical Look at a Critique of Pure Reason
> Faith, of Course: But Which One?
> About My Head
> An Inconvenient Force From Tennessee
> The Out Patient Deparment Awakens
> 100% Literacy - I Don't Think So
> Better Pay
> Trapped in a War - Airplane
> Ruminating on Body Parts
> Something Was Missed in Translation
> A Fork in the Road: Stay at Home - Let's Fly to Outer Space
> Here We Go Merrily Designating Devils
> Inspiration Springs From Unlikely Sources
> Laws
> One Idea on How to Feed the Needy
> The Clarity of Lost Opportunity
> The Wrath of Nations
> Whiggers, Mud People and the Elite
> Snowed Under
> Because I Think About God - God ...
> Black History
> Invest Wisely
> Recycling Politicians
> Complicity of the Condemned
> Stress
> What a Concept: Catastrophy Insurance
> The War Crowd
> Things That Are Relative
> How Can You Tell the Difference?
> At the Graveside: What Are We Burying?
> How Absurd of Me. Hope, Despite Evidence
> Leaky Plumbing, Cranky Elevators - A Metaphor
> Ladies and Gentlemen - The Next President
> The State of Disunion
> Poking Fun at Oneself
> Choosing the Right Thing to Write About
> Pictures Worth Uncounted Words
> A Town Full of Guns
> Whitecaps on Distant Horizons
> Hood Ornaments
> As Close to a King as We Will Ever Get
> Some Notes on Traveling to Distant Places
> Closing the Shop for a Fortnight
> Closing the Shop for a Fortnight
> The Happiness-Property Condundrum
> Peeking Over the Edge to Look at the Other Side


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