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Thinking Allowed Archives 2006

> Real-time Solutions - Utpian Dreams
> Does a Hanging Achieve Accountability?
> Remember the Hitler Youth?
> Mall Avoidance 101
> Gerald Ford and Nixon's Pardon
> Unrestrained Capitalism
> Unrestrained Capitalism
> Barn Raising - No Answer for N. Orleans
> The Ignorance and Arrogance of Power
> At the Years' End, So Many Topics to Shop
> Is There a Green Walmart Near You?
> Deny the Deniers' Freedom to Deny
> Sources of Intellectual Disaffection
> Thoughts While Stringing the "Duke"
> Kearney, NJ
> Reflections on Time
> Two Wars - Two Outcomes
> Challenges
> Putting a Leash on Your Road Rage
> As the Days Dwindle Down for 2006
> A Darfur Shabbat
> Who Always Return to the Scene? Recidivists, That's Who
> On This Anniversary of an Infamous Day
> Iran Plus THE Holocaust Do not Compute
> Mytopian Cradle to Grave Protection
> Using Equal Protection to Resegregate Schools
> Working With One's Hands
> I'm Off to Study the Torah
> The Truth AND Muhammad
> Pope - Patriarch - Turkey - West - East = Peace?
> Thoughts on Schooling
> Tips
> The Cost of Representation
> What Slips of the Tongue Lurk in the Mouths of Responsible People
> RX for Getting What You Want: Pray for IT
> Turkey, Family & Football
> Mr. Rangel's Draft or Mercenaries
> The Bullies Among Us
> Some Reflections on Hanging
> Can You Come to My Bar Mitzvah?
> Worth the Wait
> Futilities
> Who Represents You? For Whom Did You Vote?
> Consider the Packrat
> Beware of the Lame Duck
> Sharing a Sunday Breakfast and Thoughts
> Life's Little Ironies
> Do You Remember the Schvitz?
> Humans: Not At All They Are Cracked Up to Be
> While America Was Voting
> On Our Way Out of the Post Office ...
> Hearing Two Harpsichords, I Thought of Ruth
> Method of Default - the Crystal Ball
> Elections, Electioneering, Voting - BAH!
> If We Wanted to, We Could Do a Lot About It
> Yourtopia
> Reading Habits
> Reflections on Post-All Hallows Eve
> The Level of Timidity Seems to Be Falling
> The Utility of Fences
> T'is the Season to Be Wary
> Shake Hands With My Elbow ... Please
> Thinking About the Noahide Laws and Who Follows Them
> Trivializing Health Care
> Things Haven't Changed Much in a Century
> Insular, Out of Touch - But, O.K.
> Unlike the Romans and Aleksei Stakhanov - A Nobel of Our Own
> Flattered, Bothered and Bewildered
> Family Values, Faith Based Trust in Prayer Politics Are not the Answer
> Telling the Difference: Sunnis and Shiites
> Education Which Favors the Male
> Ecclesiastes or Koheleth - At the End of the Day/Life the Result is the Same
> Fin de Siecle (19th) Democracy
> Face it Folks - Columbus Wasn't the First
> Discarding a Bit of Handicraft
> The Tyranny of Time
> Pandora's Ever Expandable Box
> The Hidden History of Disenfranchisement - Victim: Universal Suffrage
> Non-Recognition Is Tantamount to, Well...
> High Power Raw Talent Available
> Emotional High Point
> The More Things Change the More They Remain the Same
> The Worm on My Siddur Page
> Savoring Michael
> I'm Thinking of Taking Up Caarving Again
> A Pigeon for Every Hole
> Bush Brothers Failed Educational Plans
> Petro-Authoritarianism
> Over Estimating VS Under Estimating
> My Copy of the Whole Earth Catalog
> Tsveta Tug Yuntif
> High Holy Days
> Identity Deniability
> Sugar Power
> Border Order
> When Jehovah Bows to Allah
> The National Institute of Wealth, Influence & Familiar Bedfellows
> Halloween Is Celebrated Early & Every Day
> Dealing With "Bad" Guys
> Platitudes and Atomic Warfare
> A Clash Between Humans and Their Planet?
> Enshrining a Loss
> The Choices Are Few - "Either Or"
> One Issue Few Think About
> Testing My Neurotransmitters
> Zarathrustra Spoke
> Encourage and Expand Voting
> Ruminating About Elner Shimfissle
> Where Have All the Laborers Gone?
> Compressing the American Ego
> British Assassinate American President
> And What Did You Find in Your E-mail Today?
> The SPLC Intelligence Report
> Reflections on a Buzz-word:Reflection
> August 29, 2006
> The Poincare Conjecture
> A Sick Man's Rage
> Humanism and Teaching Religion
> Caterpillers, Kudzu and Ideas
> The Lone Ranger/Tonto Formulation
> Who's Psyche?
> Lied to Death
> Chronological Disconnects
> Sounds Unheard
> Picking Up the Pieces
> Clash of Civilizations
> Why Those Who Pray Should Pray Vigorously
> A Vintage Weekend
> Cash Cows Are Sacred Cows
> Surprise, Surprise!
> Surprise, Surprise!
> We Are Not Alone
> What Happens When You Turn the Spigot Off?
> Thinking About Saul Alinsky
> Yesterday We Had New Windows Put In
> The Unchanging Story
> The Belly Button Connection
> Battles for the Control of Minds - Win some
> Those Tall 3-bladed Wind Power Thingies
> Populations on the Move
> Just One of Those Days
> Things on Your 'To Do" List
> Rights: Nature's Gifts or Fought and Won
> With Which Disinformation Are You Most Comfortable?
> Get Out of the Way! Wars Are Going on Here!
> Backyard Neighbors: An Allegory
> You Can Learn a Lot from a Bunch of Rats
> Haves, Have More & Have Most
> Haves, Have More & Have Most
> Candor, Banter and Blunder
> Give a Man a Gun or Give Him an Education
> Give a
> Brain-Washing the Uneducated
> Camp
> Killing With Compassion and Proportion
> No Battle Lines - No Fronts
> Silver Linings Have Dark Clouds
> Cognitive Dissonance
> Freedom to Fear
> Attrition - Who Gains?
> Lucky for the Help on My Side
> Wrestling With the Forces of Good and Evil
> Viagra for Schools
> Hate in the Heart - Hole in the Soul
> Forth-coming and Coming Forth
> The Redoubtable Johnson Sisters
> In Every Age a Hero or Sage Came to Our Aid
> Blissful Ignorance in the Age of Interruption
> Inclusiveness Breeds Non-Reform
> Superiority, Real or Imagined
> Outside the Law
> Being Badly Represented
> Outside the Law
> Fire Watch
> Choice in How Death Arrives
> Give Back Vs Take
> From What I Read in the Newspapers
> Defining "Pushy"
> Manipulating Thinking
> Fetishing the Flag
> Militarizing Mayberry
> Tipping Points
> Free Speech Among the Free Speech Crowd
> Taking a Middle Path
> Joined at the Hip and Other Challenges
> Housing the Homeless
> Random Acts of Hurricanes: Watch the Track
> Slipping Away
> Who Speaks for Right?
> Whose Hand Is on the Throttle?
> Hillary Was Right - Bill, Too
> Sustaining the Zarqawi Effect
> Prioritize These
> 666
> Geography Is Destiny
> The P & D Recognition Day
> Some of the Things I wonder About
> The Stilling of Small Voices
> The Cilice and the Podium
> The Iranian Solution
> Sam Mart and Nguyen Thuc - Good for the USA
> That Day at the End of May
> Global Warming - Solar Warming
> The Myth of Sacrosanct Icons
> Tools
> The Uniform Thing: Kipas, Kafiyahs, Bourqas
> Anyone Else Get Quarantined by Southcom?
> Anybody Remember Dr. Carleton Fredericks?
> Deerg, Tsul, Xes and Sllafdniw
> Now About That Debate Over Official English
> The Implications of Nevaeh
> Making Decisions Based on So Little Evidence
> Closing the Doors on: Cross Pollination and the History of How We Created Civilization
> Charter and Part D - Just other Words for Privatization
> It's Not About Your Mom. It Is About Mine
> Realities for Aboriginals
> Where Will Real Americans Flee to?
> The Housing Conundrum
> A Great Idea About 150 Years Old
> Alien and Sedition Laws: Redux
> Righting Like Roth
> Why Don't We Use Mass Transportation?
> A Call for Universal Health Care Right Now
> Feel Better Now? Moussaoui Declared Guilty
> Hal's Test
> Thinking Allowed
> Feel Better Now? Moussaoui Declared Guilty
> Oh,O, Say Can You Sing
> Wave (s) of the Future
> Biting the Gas Pump
> Let the Old Men Add Their Say
> A Short History of Cruel and Unusual
> Success Stories:Ben Franklin/Amadou Ly
> That Kindergarten Poster of Jesus
> Make Room for a Few Rules
> Care Of Our Aged In MYtopia
> Why Government, If All We Need Is Faith?
> Putting Trees Into Perspective
> The --- Lobby
> Dress Rehearsals
> Allowing Age to Dictate Choices
> Papal Buying Into Jewish Concept of Love
> A Ray of Sunshine Pierces the Fog of Oil
> Reading About Mr. Past and Mr. Future
> Why It Is Repeated Year After Year
> Rx Scribbles + Prayers From Strangers
> Freedom Is Just Another Word
> It Is Shades of Color As Much As It Is Shades of Politics
> Cracks in the Corpus of Religious Certitude
> An Oft Repeated Story
> Drugs and Mytopia
> Work
> Bedfellows
> Response to Crime in Mytopia
> Who Exactly Is a Holy Person?
> Built In Alternatives in Mytopia
> Whatever Happened to Comparative Religion?
> Seeking Mytopia in the Barter System
> The Dionysian Trap
> Tabernacles, Holy Places, Shrines
> Incubation of Ideas
> A Story About a Small Community Bought and Sold
> Apostacy Gets the Death Sentence
> Riding Those 'Free' Electromagnetic Waves
> When Youth Is All Spent
> On Thinking
> Reflections on Mytopia
> I Had Been Doing Some Thinking About Utopia
> Happy Ides of March
> We're Having New Windows Put in Today - Tra-la la, la la
> Walking Down a Street in Jerusalem at Purim
> Slipping, Sliding Sideways to the Right
> Polygamy:Polyandry - Formal Words for Other Arrangements
> Republicans Have Issues With Intellectual Constipation and Moral Hypocrisy
> Footprints From Long Ago: Very Long Ago
> Tallahassee Is Closer to Washington
> I Know This About You
> Ish
> Intermission
> Eminent Domain
> Understanding Siblings
> The Direction of Actuality
> Uni, Bi and Multi - How to Survive
> Hitting Them Where It Hurts - In Their Shrines
> Storm Warnings
> Living Downstream
> Tremors
> The Power of Doubt
> Waiting for Windows
> Think Again: What's Free May Cost You
> Think Again: What's Free May Cost You
> To Own, To Carry, To Shoot - Or Not
> Diploma Mills
> Where's binLaden? Where's bin Laden? - Here I am, Here I am.
> Why Can't Republicans Act Like Lawmakers?
> The Soul, Where Is It and Where Does It Go?
> Tutankhamen, Enigma, Beautifully Pictured but Sad
> Akhenaton May Have Had the Answer
> Reality Check
> Anger Is Good
> All on the Same Page: Mr. Hussein Mr. Moussaoui and the Imams
> By 2020
> We Were Going to Go, But
> On a Comparative Basis the Cartoons Are About a 2 Out of 10
> Thin Skins and Freedom of the Press
> Learning to Say No. Dissent Is Good!
> Don't You Just Love a President Who Is a Magician?
> Euologies and Hubris
> Schools Hemorrhageing Students Is a Fact
> Cultural Debates
> Rules of Engagement
> What Nobody Knows
> Sympathy - Misplaced
> Negotiating With a Will' O' the Wisp'
> That Which Must Not Be Named
> That Which Must Not Be Named
> The Secret Success of Presidents: Reading
> "Taking Out" Iran's Nuclear Capability
> Some Observations on Ageing
> What Is so Precious When it Is Valueless?
> I Owned a Diesel Car Once
> Mespucha
> Mass Nonviolent Direct Action
> Fixing the System - Finding a Place in It
> Wondering About Spirituality
> Indigoes and the Rest of Us
> How to Get Ready to Have an Operation
> 1 Bush, 100 Senators + a Multiplicity of Abramoffs
> About Our Grandson's Visit
> Avoiding Alito
> Free, Public and Dogma Free Education
> Minima, Maxima and Holding the Reins
> What a Grandson Will Be Willing to Do
> A Bit of the Hair of the Dog
> A New Year Begins as Chanukah Ends


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