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Thinking Allowed Archives 2005

> Last of End of Year Reflections - Part VIII - 2005 Is Part of the Past
> End of Year Reflections - Part VII Prospects of Reform
> End of Year Reflections - Part VI Possessions
> End of Year Reflections - Part V Violence - Victims
> Violence - Victims
> End of Year Reflections - Part III Acquisition
> End of Year Reflections - Part II Tsunamis Are Not Restricted to Earthquakes
> End of Year Reflections - Part I Persistent Vegetative Mistakes
> Verification - Peer Review, Jury Process, Replication
> Entitlement at the Recreation Area
> Striking at the Transit System
> Let It Rest
> Assassins Aren't Shouting "Sic Semper Tyrannis" Anymore
> What Is Notable: What Is Not
> Dina, Is There Anyone Feener in the Hivite State of Philistia?
> The Things We Venerate
> When All Is Said and Done
> Man in the Bubble, Bobble Heads and Talking Heads
> G.W. Bush - Pro-active President
> The Relentless Pursuit
> Lunatics, Fanatics and Heretics
> Provenance
> Extrapolation on the Ladder as Metaphore
> Don't Go There?
> Otherwise Ordinary People Who Live Near
> Who Remembers Pearl Harbor?
> Hubris for Hussein
> Away With the Wind
> The Beloved Community
> Options
> Fuzzy Math and Voodoo Thinking
> Nation Forming Formula
> Going to War "On the Cheap"
> I coulda Gone to Princeton
> Northern Slavery
> Live Locally, Depend Globally
> A Chance to Bring Order Out of Chaos
> Don't Fence US in
> Let Us Think About Giving Thanks
> Life Saving Skills
> Questioning
> I Have This Appointment Tomorrow With a Dr.
> The Passage of Time While Time Passes Us By
> Some Musings on Veteranism
> Rewriting Science - Kansas Style
> Lessons From Unrest
> Mr. Darwin, Step Up to Debate Your ...
> Mr. Darwin, Step Up to Debate Your ...
> Mr. Darwin, Step Up to Debate Your ...
> Gotta Do It But I Don't Have to Like It
> As Solid as...
> Feeble Efforts Might Assist
> There Was This Guy on Television Last Night
> Trees, Poles and Powerlines
> Making Dim Bulbs Burn As Brightly as Bright Ones
> An Angel Makes Them Do It
> Pack Up Your Bibles in Your Old Kit Bag and Pray, Pray, Pray
> Some Thoughts to Think About
> The Power of Saying "No"
> From Depression to Euphoria
> Waiting for Wilma
> Gimmie Shelter
> Murder - But
> One More Time Into the Breach
> Consistency
> Hussein Must Die
> And These Were the Good Guys
> End Time
> Oops, There Goes Another One
> Impressions From a Day Spent in Temple
> Poverty
> Where There Is One and Another There Are Surely More to Follow
> Darwin, Nosson Slifkin and I, Heretics All
> From RH to YK - Days of AWE
> When the President Speaks
> Did You Ever Read King's Book, The Stand?
> Faith Can Move Mountains
> This I Will Absolutely Not Allow
> Some Thoughts About Anno 5766
> Taking Celebacy Seriously
> What I Am Willing to Believe
> Where the Similiarity Ends
> Faith Is a Wonderful Thing
> Anybody Want Some Free Guppies?
> What Was Believed Before Jews Arrived?
> A Lesson From Whistle Blowers Near and Far
> In Memory of
> Let's Turn the World Upside Down
> To Every Season, Change
> How Many Will It Take Til We Know?
> We Were Lucky
> Wind and Water in Paradise
> Different Courts - Different Constitutions
> A Speech Lacking One Component
> The Newdow Proposition
> Shaking the Tree in a Shaky Administration
> Getting to the Class on Time
> It's Not So Bad
> Aspects of Privacy
> Alternative Thinking
> The Hour Long Trip to Be of Service
> Depending on the Kindness of Strangers
> When the Symptom Is Dizziness
> No Child Left in Poverty
> On Quitting
> Tip-Toeing Around a Topic
> Why Government Fails
> A Temptation to Seek a Savior in Our Distress
> Scenes From War at the Edge of the Sea
> How Does One Address a Duchess?
> Illiteracy
> Bellicose Chauvanism
> Cindy, George - Including You and Me
> Aftermath
> A Sort of Love Letter to Katrina
> You Pray - I Hope
> The Law of Falling Objects
> Saving
> Two Views of the World - Bush and Others
> Freelancing as Thinking Allowed
> Symbolic Acts: Too Little, Too Late
> Things to Do While Aboard Ship
> Being Above and Looking Down on Problems
> Mr. Bush, You Have My Sympathy
> How a Tragedy Is Perceived
> Allowing Oneself Not to Think For a While
> Equal Justice for All
> Quiddich Has the Same Effect as Football
> Work Is A Way of Life
> The Personal, The National, The International
> Step on the Solar Button
> If The New Highway By-Passes Your Town
> Fungible
> The World Will End 12,21,2012
> Going to the Movies
> Violence Is a Drug
> Every Day in Every Way They Become More Like Us
> Stratification - Education = Income
> Things That Tend to Clump
> Fraud
> The Modus Operandi of the 21st Century
> Finally It Makes Sense: The World of Potter
> When "Facts" Are Irrelevant
> Things That Are Outrageous
> George III and George 23
> Blue Skies Will Cheer Us
> It Is a Matter of Scale
> Heads That Think, Write and Get Published
> It Must Be Somebody's Problem, Right?
> You Better Tell : Rules to Live By
> Thinking About Rewarding G.W. Bush
> Right Things to Do
> Forever Building Walls
> On the Eve of the Fourth of July
> Dealing With Mutiny
> And, What Does Mr. Constitution Say?
> Sugary Stuff, Lip Service and Omissions
> Incompetent and Ignorant
> When Will "They" Get Around to Me?
> Injecting a Little (What?) Into Public Life
> Thought and Speech - Two Examples of "Free"
> Thinking Allowed, Blacklists, Bias & Spin
> The Irony Of Ice
> Descent Into Enmity
> Thinking About Conception
> Places Branded a Failure - Don't Go There
> The Lump Sum and Economic Sense
> Co-existence
> Surely Something Is Wrong With This Picture
> The Significance of One Day Out of the Year
> Assertions, Assumptions and Snickers
> Surpassing Sadness
> When Retirement Doesn't Pay
> Where Can I Find an Alligator?
> Two Lynchings - Worlds Apart
> How to Survive While at War
> I Say Close it Down and Give it Back to Cuba
> Thinking About Achieving "Peace in the Home"
> Preoccupation
> Have Hope - Leave Prayer to the Experts
> The Olfactory Base of Wholesome
> The Burgundy Revolt
> Lucre Covetedby Humans and Simians Alike
> Acting Out of Conviction-Educating by Example
> Work Ethics
> "Schools in U.S. Set Enrollment Record"
> Whistles Have Consequences
> It Would Never Be Enough
> The Oxyrhynchus Hint
> The Oxyrhynchus Hint
> Teaching Anyone?
> Democracy Is not Easy. It Is Troublesome
> Whew!
> Some Thoughts on Memorial Day
> We Have Gone About as Far as We Can Go
> Portrayal as Betrayal
> The State of the Nation's Cell Research
> A U.S. National Corps of Nurses - A Good Idea
> Fluttering Baby Fins
> The Natural Flow of Events
> "Intelligent Design" Is only a Theory
> Burning Flags and Flushing Korans
> Where We Live
> Why I Am Not a Christian
> What Happened to the Liberals?
> There Is the Good News and the Bad News
> Th Pyramids May Crumble
> Sunshine Energy, FPL and Me
> Oases of Time, Vintage Seasons & Reality
> Lies That Mothers Try Not to Think About
> The Religious "Hum Bug"
> Bourquas For Cheerleaders
> Thinking About Babies Who Have Babies
> Hooking Up With Some Secular Humanists
> Benefit Cuts?
> The Chit That Vanishes
> Benedict XVI and Me
> When Things Break
> Some Cups I Have Thought About
> The Enormity of a Small Incision
> The Democratic Process as Horizontal
> Today I Will Be (a) Patient
> How Conservatives Redefined Who They Are
> FDR's "A Second Bill of Rights"
> Questions KIds Ordinarily Cannot Answer
> One Nation Under One Church
> A Brief Note About Keeping Doctors Active
> A Brief Note About Keeping
> Writing While Charlie Chaplin Looks On
> The Parade of "C" Notes
> The World We Live in and Its Alternatives
> Animals With Human Parts
> That Shining Extra Human Essence
> That Shining Extra Human Essence
> That Shining Extra Human Essence
> That Shining Extra Human Essence
> Volunteer as Opposed to Self-Appointed Tasks
> If It Is Not One Thing It Is Another -"Ologists"
> The Pharmaceutical Morality Police
> The Art of Looking Aside
> Foolish April
> Thanks Must Be Given to the Researcher
> Stark Unreality - White House Prayer Meetings
> Beer
> The "Do It Yourself" Impulse
> Twenty Years Ago
> The Religious Dance Over the Law
> Begging on Street Corners
> Scene Through the Lens of a Fanatic
> Tail Rot and Other Tales
> Things That Are Bizarre
> In the Rush to Do God's Work
> Going Through Life Without Power Steering
> Respect Those Who Came Before
> Terry's Tube - A Metaphor for Abuse
> Some Images Just Won't Go Away
> The No Confidence Exercise
> What We Should Be Doing is Reforming the Reformers
> Waiting Rooms
> The Aging Action Hero
> That Shiny Material Thing
> Bankruptcy Protection for Non-Humans
> Work
> Prison's Profitability
> When Enough Is Enough
> The Persistent Missionary
> The Wrong Group To Decide the Wrong Complaint for the Wrong Reasons
> Repristination
> I'm Going to Spend Some Money on One Fish
> Defining Republic, Democracy, Liberty
> Erosion, Evolution and Stubborn Belief
> Fish
> Criminalization of Private Decisions
> I, Human
> Mr. J. Bush and Reasoning
> Contrasts
> The Next USA
> Thunder, Power and Dread
> Unused Chinese Calendars
> Perhaps it Is Time, Perhaps it Is Not
> No Brainers
> Why Is a Vow Not a Covenant?
> We Don't Do St. Valentine's Day at Our House
> We Don't Do St. Valentine's Day at Our House
> Discovery and Invention - Continuing the Story of Anti-gravity plus Hot Heat
> Finishing a Difficult Book
> Gravitas and Gravity - An Imaginative Essay in the Form of a Story
> Traffic in Children
> Why Don't Unions Sell as Democratic?
> Defeat By the Minds That Create Software
> The Evil That Accompanies Us
> Evolution, Creationism - Elegance
> Commandments
> Intellectuals Versus Regular Fellows
> The Missing 5%
> Platitudes Wrapped in Generalities - Beware the Specifics
> Thinking Allowed's State of the Union Address
> A Time to Listen and a Time to Ignore
> Got MIlk?
> Thinking Allowed - Contrarian Style
> Patriots Versus Hatriots
> Sex Slavery
> Time Erases Reality and Horror
> Denial
> The Trouble With Snow or Lack Thereof
> Those Old Rabbit Ears Got Me
> Full Time Versus Part Time Worship of God
> Let Us Now Define Some Ambiguous Words
> Proclaiming Liberty and Securing it Are Different Things
> Those Clever Chinese Hands
> Thorough and Efficient and Proficient?
> Retirement, Plantation Style
> Let's Hear It for Non-Violence
> School Boards for Jesus
> A Thing That Warms the Heart
> Sharing Our Concern About Our Country
> Security for Society
> Justice Is Not Delivered by 51 Percent
> Life Is Granted to Those Who Are Saved
> Searing Images
> Even If You Try the Parts Do Not Match
> Another Cycle Has Begun


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