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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
then. Opinions pro or con are welcome.

Last of End of Year Reflections - Part VIII - 2005 Is Part of the Past

North Miami Beach, FL 12-31-2005
A.H. Schectman

By the time you read this 2005 will be part of the past. Today will not last beyond our celebrations (mine going to bed at my usual early time) with yours perhaps lasting into the early morning of the first day of 2006.  Be that as it may, the clock is ticking for each of us and the experience we call 2005 is just a blip in the history of this planet and all the creatures that evolved over millions of years – so science teaches us.

Despite the efforts of YAHOOS, Bible thumpers, philosophers and kings, we all look at our new electric wrist watches powered by batteries, sun or just movement and find that the new year has a mind of its own and is plowing on ahead through already disturbed soil of the violence of 2005.  But, 2005 is part of the past and probably in some quarters some will think of it as the “good old days”.  Each generation has its own tastes, music and feels at home in whatever fate delivers to them where they live and in how they survive.

I have elsewhere shared my pessimism with you about many things.  Truly, I know that our human race will survive despite what we are trying to do to it by altering our DNA and trying to replicate ourselves with robots or animals that share some cells we squander on these activities. I think our planet is getting more crowded because our science has extended life and made it more resilient to the forces that are trying to kill us off.  In this 80th year shared by Carol and I, we have survived surgeries and challenges that a century ago would not have been envisioned.  Yet, all generations look to the future and see such things as better times, progress, and changes despite the strangling clutch of ancient teachings that hold us back at the same time.

In this new year of 2006 the challenges will remain the same but some of the remedies will be new.  At the same time we will avoid meeting head on the problems that our leaders have endlessly shied away from for those answers might offend the movers and shakers of our world.  The pyramid with a few very rich at the top and a broad bottom of the unlucky and chronically sick and poor will remain although some of the players may change places.  While it is hard to move from the bottom to the top it is very easy for those on the top to take the plunge to the bottom.  Life is like that.

Despite my rambling, I truly wish a Happy New Year to everyone! And may you and I contribute to the attempt to civilize 2006!







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