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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
then. Opinions pro or con are welcome.

End of Year Reflections - Part VII Prospects of Reform

North Miami Beach, FL 12-30-2005
A.H. Schectman

          We are what we are.  We put a lot of years in becoming the kind of person we present to world.  There is not much chance that we can become better but, I’ll venture a prediction, we can become much worse.


            I really would like to take off 18 more pounds. That would bring me down to what I weighed when I came out of the army back in 1945.  I have been as high as 245 pounds which was the result of a lot of self pity and stuffing myself to make myself feel better but, at the same time, realizing that I was just being miserable.  I have a chance to take off at leas 8 of those pounds so I will be down to 200 but I do love bread and cake – and ice cream.  I can do it because I have done it many times before.  That old cliché that quitting smoking is easy, “I’ve done it many times before” applies here.


            I really would like to organize my desk more.  I can churn out these essays with no trouble but I can’t remember where those Condo documents are that I put aside so they wouldn’t get lost.  This one is another one of those hectic getting busy jobs in clearing off my desk, trying to remember where the folders are where I stashed the documents and took the trouble to arrange them in chronological order.


            Well, that is just me.  I also would like to be able to do a lot more sketching.  I promised myself and at least once have done this very thing, that I would take sketch pad, pencils, a sandpaper sharpener and kneadable eraser in a bag to accompany us in the car so that if we happened to meet up with malleable friends and acquaintances, I could brightly say, “Hey, what about my sketching one of you guys – it will only take about 15 minutes or so?” But all the foregoing are little stuff.


            Major reforms are needed desperately in the way our people go about the business of governing themselves and – with this administration – the rest of the world with the myth that we are the most powerful nation in the world.  This myth was shown to be a lie in the endless war in Iraq but in our inability to protect our citizens from hurricanes and disasters we caused ourselves or that we invited by making enemies of a great many people who do not care for us very much.


            Reform is a myth we tell ourselves.  We will get better, do more and be a better person or nation or world. It is just not happening and we probably – for a great many psychological reasons – will sabotage ourselves in the end.





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