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Man in the Bubble, Bobble Heads and Talking Heads

North Miami Beach, FL 12-14-2005
A.H. Schectman

It is curious to note how easily we reduce the human proclivity towards a universe of discourse and get off track. We describe our President as living isolated in a bubble, stereotyping our leaders as just heads that bobble instead of doing something meaningful and the whole of this is shrunken to endless comment by “talking heads” we see and hear on Television 24/7.

Maureen Dowd ( one of the best and most cutting of talking heads) today skewered President Bush as a man living in a bubble – a take off on an interview where G.W. Bush actually answered truthfully that he did not feel that he lived in Bubble but knew quite a lot about the world even though he read little and heard from a select group who got into that bubble with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Bush has squandered any capital that he gained demonstrating his leadership by landing in uniform on the deck of a carrier shortly after he declared war and declared it won.  A wonderful performance by a man who shortly retreated into a bubble surrounded by the bobble heads who constantly give the impression of making intelligent sounds in the news by the talking heads who rarely know what they are talking about.

As a puppeteer I know a lot about manipulating figures on strings and opening and closing mouths to mimic speech.  A lot of that is going on and it is supported by millions of Americans who believe they are being told the truth and what they see in the bubble is a real leader.  Taint so.  What is real is the leadership of this country is diluted back to the states for the United States has retreated from responsibility for creating what used to be America where the people came first and the people determined who would lead them.  The increasing use of a Presidential bubble, the bobble heads of the Republican Conservative majority and the cadres of talking heads have taken over our thinking for us.

This essay is about THINKING ALLOWED but we are prevented from thinking by those who do the thinking for us.  We just go along with them and accept what ever they say or do as inevitable because we have been excluded from the equation.  People plus voting plus accomplishing positive things for the most people is a formula that we have imposed on Iraq and Afghanistan while their neighbors in Syria, Iran and some of the other Islamic nations surrounding Iraq – our experimental model based on what we have created here – is not working here or there.

While we have a President nodding off in his bubble, the Bobble heads are nodding madly to the soothing words of the talking heads.  Are you aware of this?



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