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Let Us Think About Giving Thanks

A.H. Schectman

I lost a couple of days there and found that they sneaked THANKSGIVING up and they are already touting the joys of Christmas.  So, I got to think about what THANKSGIVING is all about. Of course there is the successful operation I just had with its discomforts fading in the distance; but there is THANKSGIVING up ahead forcing some thought about its whys and wherefores.

We automatically go through periodic rituals on specific dates such as May Day ending winter, Labor Day inaugurating fall and New Year’s Day marking our calendars with a new page for Janus to look forward as well as looking back (this from our Roman forebears). So we deal with THANKSGIVING because some nervy ancestors made it through to harvest time with the help of aboriginal people whom they later slaughtered or forced them westward.

This is also the time for us to get out all our platitudes about sharing our wealth with those less fortunate and those of us fortunate enough to be surrounded by family to have them sit down to groaning board and stuff themselves as though this was the only occasion when such self-indulgence takes place.  For many of us in this post Katrina and Wilma period this is a time when we can think and maybe do something about the huge number of displaced persons who were left behind in the rubble. What are all these unfortunate people to do every other day of the year?

I am thankful that I still have my brains that were left unscathed by the knives used by my cardiac surgeons to excise masses of plaque.  Dr. Rego promised to show me pictures of what it looked like.  I have been asked how it feels to have that mass removed and do I feel better for the whole process is over.  I am grateful for not having to remember anything for hours after they sewed me up and sent me off to bed.

Mostly I am happy that I am still useful and narrowly missed death by the vagaries of collecting plaque including a little harbor for an ulcer  sitting there waiting to become lethal.

I regret the years I have been telling people that I will give up the Presidency of my Condominium.  I tried.  I really did, but I am comfortable doing a lot of scut work that others could take over and I feel more at ease knowing that I can trust me to work at running this place. No one else wants the job. Carol has made the mistake by taking on the job of treasurer. I am thankful for that.

See how many WORTHWHILE things you are thankful for in 60 seconds.



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