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Some Thoughts About Anno 5766

North Miami Beach, FL 10-03-2005
A.H. Schectman

Another year passes into history.  Cards are exchanged.  Good wishes and hopes for a better year are offered.  These are automatic responses to the passage of time and we are acculturated to send cards to friends to let them know we think of them.  What we should be doing is to celebrate the huge block of time that has accumulated before this New Year upon which 5766 rests. History is in the past but the future waits for us to write on it – not the good wishes and hopes for a better time – but for the realization of age old plans for a better world for our children and their children.

The clearest lessons from the past concern the treatment of one people to another.  This is but an extension of the treatment of one person to another.  We form unions for marriage and the production of new generations to follow us.  The few who want civil unions and cannot or will not produce children have not yet broken the grip of a history that persecutes them.  This is a lesson of history that has to be repeated over and over again before reality is understood by those who hold us prisoner to ideologies and practices that should have been shed by now. History has an implacable grip.

Looking backward from this new century we can see that the wars, persecutions and grabbing for the riches of the earth have not been mitigated by understanding or cooperation and joining together. The earth’s people all claim they wish to end injustice.  We lack a world government that can veto senseless ethnic violence that goes on despite the lessons of history.  The feuds of yesterday are still the plots of murder and theft of today. History has much to teach.

Looking forward from the year 5766 should tell most peoples who understand the message the Jews gave to the world about a single unnamed God that there is hope for the world.  The sad thing is that this message has not been heard or listened to while hardships upon hardships are placed on the backs of people who want only to live free.  The perversions of what freedom means to most of us and to a few of our leaders clouds the days to come.  We are at the mercy of thoughtless, selfish and ignorant people who convince the rest of us with honeyed words that they KNOW, while we do not and cannot know, what is good for us.

Rosh Hashanah means the “head” of the year or the first day of the New Year according to the Jewish calendar.  Let every Jew in or out of synagogues or temples live in peace under his fig tree and study war no more.  Be a light unto the nations and let all others know by their example that they have an excellent book that was given to the world many years ago. These are my thoughts about 5766.



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