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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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Where the Similiarity Ends

North Miami Beach, FL 09-30-2005
A.H. Schectman

No one receiving these essays called THINKING ALLOWED can say I didn’t make the offer.  I received one less than serious request from Oregon which wouldn’t work out.  I received another much nearer but have not heard from the principal in this case.  Once again, I did make the offer of giving away FREE guppies to any one who wanted them.  Now, because of conditions I allowed to develop, I must remove some of my (stock) population of large, productive guppies and make room for their progeny who are roiling the waters and have no room to grow and develop.  With ownership there is responsibility.  Mr. Bush should understand that in his effort to direct our attention away from his disasters toward his harping on creating an OWNERSHIP society.  This flies in the face of THE NEW DEAL, THE GREAT SOCIETY, THE NEW FRONTIER and other such catchwords that meant different things at different times.  The similarity ends only in the intentions of the creators of logos and other simplifications of great moment and meaning.

To get back to tropical fish, once again, I have to tell you since my offer was not only late in coming (I lagged in responding to the overpopulation of this tank) but the responses were not really forthcoming. My conclusion is that I should make room for all the tiny new babies and larger ones that have grown quickly and compete for space and the food supply.  One fear, (although I knew perfectly well that I had bought “feeder” guppies [the commonest kind] at ten for a dollar) in the first place.  I now have so many I can’t count them. Some will have to go.

My moral question is how to separate the Moms from the kids?  I will be breaking up families although in this environment it is hard to determine who the dads were.  The big “fat cat” older guppies have had their time in this little pond and getting rid of them would give the new generation (s) a chance to have their place amidst the plants and gravel.

The similarity to things human goes on and on if you choose to think about them. We have people pouring over our borders either as immigrants or as terrorists and we are being pushed to think about this.  Is there room for all of us or is there only room for first comers who got the chance to grab the best land and build the biggest houses? We make war on other people on their land and find that we are fighting to establish American style democracy while anarchy rules for we are not wanted there.  There are too many people in places that cannot support their demands.

I am sorry about the fish.  I did try to give them away.  Now they must go away.



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