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Getting to the Class on Time

North Miami Beach, FL 09-13-2005
A.H. Schectman

I have signed up for a class in sketching and drawing at the Dr. Martin Krop High School off Ives Dairy Road right next to the Broward County line.  I was told that I could register the same day the class began.  There was bedlam in that office.  A lot of young women came with their children to sign up for different classes and the line was long.  I thought it would be tragedy for me to be held up for Carol had filled out my registration card, presented me with $42.00 for the ten week course, gave me sheet of instructions and patted me on the head and told me to be a good boy.  I was almost on time, had my money in hand and got back into line when chastened by someone who seemed to be an official.  There were about four or five women clerks who were accepting money, handing out cards, taking money and writing out receipts.  As I finally caught one’s attention, I gave up my card and money, received a receipt and caught only a few words of directions telling me where the classroom was, what number it was and it was down that hall over there – vaguely pointing in a direction.

I walked the corridors looking for my assignment and asked several people where that classroom would most likely be and couldn’t find it even if it was poked in my eye.  I found the corridor (unmarked) and classrooms with numbers sort of what I was looking for and I thought all those rooms were unoccupied. This was bad news for – supposing no else had signed up for that same class?  Of course, I eventually found the room and was relieved to find the teacher, Muriel, and two students, Ronnie and Paulina.  The combined ages of the four of us would probably be close to the age of the Republic of the Good Ol U. S. of A.

This was a class using charcoal as the medium with the teacher’s preferences for certain kinds of paper which I might not have stocked up on.  This was not what I took this class for because I use pencil and wanted to learn intricacies of shading, creating three dimensional effects and, of course, continuing on my quest for the perfect left profile to sketch in fifteen minutes or less.

I am afraid that I ran true to form and had the most questions and monopolized the teacher’s time by having her go off on tangents.  Then, too, I finished my drawing first and it received (I think) high marks – at least Carol praised it to the skies.

I will stick out the next 9 weeks and try to acquire the skills I know I lack.  Maybe, someday you will sit for me?



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