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Mr. Bush, You Have My Sympathy

North Miami Beach, FL 08-17-2005
A.H. Schectman

I think, despite our doctrinal, religious, political and choice of solution differences we must be quite alike.  I, too, am uncomfortable when a confrontation is about to take place between me, the president of a Condominium and an angry (and sometimes misinformed) Owner of an Apartment.  I live in the building and try to get over to the apartment and talk with the unhappy person.  It is hard for me to get around, but I have done so using my canes.  You zip around on a bicycle but I have had to give that up for fear of falling and damaging my knees (the new ones) which would be a shame after all the time, pain and exercise I have undergone in order to put them into a useful condition.  I dislike having these disaffected persons coming to my apartment because (although my position is unpaid and voluntary), I think they deserve my response in coming to their call for help (even if it is only to complain after I explained over and over that I could do nothing).

Mr. Bush, as President of all Americans and representative of our Country to the World, has a responsibility to make himself available outside his house to talk to a grieving parent.  He lives there and she came to him asking for answers.  He chose not to present himself at the door or invite her in and AVOID the expensive damage to his image that ignoring her will surely provoke.

Carol and I have just returned from a trip to the Northern European countries lumped together as Scandinavia (you might call them welfare states) Ė although Russia is hard to think of as Scandinavian. There was only a little homelessness seen (these seems to be the Gypsy beggars we have encountered elsewhere). We were driven past huge areas that were devoted to warehouses and factories but the homes were almost always neat and well tended.  What I am trying to say is that there were few if any slums we encountered and a lot of attention to maintaining old, pre WWI and WWII homes as a matter of national pride.

We didnít get to see any kings or royalty but their statues from earlier days abounded.  They, the Scandinavians, were proud of their artists and loved to display their homes and works.  Our President likes to picture himself as a country boy living simply and clearing brush.  He needs to look at the whole of our country and its lack of arts and monuments to peace and stop and talk to the people who come to his door. Perhaps the activity around his house is a sign of need.

I donít want the job I have but I am trying to improve things so that I wonít be needed anymore.  Mr. Bush, go out and invite her in.



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