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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
then. Opinions pro or con are welcome.

Allowing Oneself Not to Think For a While

North Miami Beach, FL 08-02-2005
A.H. Schectman

Sometimes it is necessary to stop all your worries, forget all your cares and go downtown – or somewhere nice. I have been churning out THINKING ALLOWED essays for over thirty years.  Since my retirement to Florida I have been able to write almost every day and sometimes more than twice a day if the spirit moves me. But, although I bought a laptop with me to accompany our trips to far off places, I found other things to do besides giving in to the impulse to write down my thoughts every morning.

So, we will be gone from this morning until August 16 and I am allowing my self the luxury of not having to come up with some response to ideas and issues as well as reflecting on the times (and that is not necessarily the NY Times newspaper which I read most mornings).

We are visiting Scandinavia and major cities surrounding the Baltic Sea.  I am not bringing my little yellow scooter on this trip because my knees are in pretty good shape although my back causes my hips to lock up if I walk too far.  Against Carol’s arguments that I not do this, I am bringing along a pair of crutches that have helped in the past.  I certainly do not want to be pushed in a wheelchair and besides, Carol has just had an injection in her wrist causing more pain than the soreness she has been experiencing.

In any event, we expect the same luxurious treatment as passengers on a Princess line ship and will be wined and dined (neither of us do the wine thing) and cared for – a condition that one could grow to like despite blue collar pretensions.

The cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Gdansk, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, and Stockholm beckon.  Our bags are packed and we are ready to go.  My tropical fish have an automatic feeder and Alex from next door has graciously consented to watering the plants and bringing in the mail.

My only real dread is the plane trip.  There is no more smoking aboard and that is a plus.  We have upgraded to business or first class so we should be able to get in some nap time although we are told that getting up and exercising while flying at supersonic speeds in the stratosphere is a good thing to do.

So, THINKING ALLOWED is closing down.  Sighs of relief are heard by those who toss hard copy on a pile.  But, brace yourself.  I am afflicted with the need to unceasingly express my thoughts for, THINKING is ALLOWED.



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