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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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Things That Are Outrageous

North Miami Beach, FL 07-14-2005
A.H. Schectman

Most of us look at drunks, speeders, petty theft, abuse of women and children and unconcern shown by normally intelligent people about pressing problems in this world. These things may not be outrageous but they are pretty bad and we should feel ashamed of ourselves that we do not think more about them or that we have not lifted a finger to show our outrage, concern or awareness that these things exist in our comfortable lives.

But there are things that are really outrageous and our daily papers and news are full of them.  Since they do not affect us personally, we shrug them off and turn to the comics or to sports or any other thing that cannot nor will not reach past our comfort zone and get us roiled up.

So, perhaps there are things that should get us roiled up other than our favorite team that is not performing as we would wish it would.  But, a look at what is going on in the world beyond the boundaries of our comfort, might tell us something about the world and about ourselves.

These are my choices for things that are outrageous in today’s paper:


  1. Mr. G.W. Bush, our President, is the puppet of the super rich, business concerns and appears to revel in a war he is not winning. He cares not about the lives that he has caused to be ruined or ended by his posturing as knowing what he is doing. He is truly outrageous.
  2. The Iraq Puppet Government installed by Mr. Bush and his advisors has outraged a significant portion of that country and they are showing it by trying to disrupt the process of creating a constitution and a united nation.
  3. All the hoopla about a departing Supreme Court Justice and her replacement is lost in the face of the real need of a new Chief Justice.  It is outrageous that this President and this Senate have no modus operandi of finding likely replacements among a vast number of qualified and vetted people who their peers deem them as belonging in the pool of best choices.
  4. New sites of outrageous actions – such as the bombings in London – have become so outrageous that the significance of 9/11 has become lost and its memorial a triviality.
  5. The human misery that you pass on the street and see in reports by such people as Bob Herbert – should catch your eye but you are outraged by the delay in getting your car back from the garage and the accidents on the highway that are delaying your dinner. Tell ME about outrageous.


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