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Blue Skies Will Cheer Us

North Miami Beach, FL 07-11-2005
A.H. Schectman

They inevitably follow the rain. So put on a happy face.  It is one of those curious aspects of the horrific storms that brew in the South Atlantic or appear off the coast of Africa and then boil out to follow paths of destruction that often begin in the U.S. here in Florida.  But the sun will come out tomorrow and we love ya tomorrow for that sun brings with it shining blue skies that certainly are far more preferable to the gloom of prescience of impending winds, rain and possible tornados beating us down.

We live in a three Condominium end of an eight Building complex with eight separate and independent Boards of Directors.  Our three buildings surround a common area of parking and we have trouble enough with that for the other two have a 55 and over (senior citizen) rule that mostly eliminates parking problems for them.  We are the only one of the eight buildings that allows young working people who have more than two family members who need cars. One of the other buildings is suing us for our parking which the builder provided on ITS property. We are holding our breath in the hope the lawyers settle it.

But this is about the Blue Skies following the strong winds of Dennis who is not missed as he moves up into the mainland of our country.  Those winds blew in from the east and picked up parts of the roofing of the other building of our trio. These bits and pieces were like shrapnel that hit our newly painted building. The painting is not finished and we have paint left over to cover the tar that came with the roofing slugs that had been an eyesore for years.

I tried to do this diplomatically.  I know one of the officers of that Building and wrote a letter that included a photograph of pieces of their roof that I picked up on the ground and on the three floors of our building facing their old, tired and unsightly roof.  This is a building that constantly complains that it has no money to do anything.  In fact, they do not have a handyman but volunteers who are Owners clean up the building.

Since I know this officer, I called to see if the letter with the photo had arrived.  It had, and this person hurriedly assured me that their building now has to do something about that roof.  Blue skies have arrived this morning; the sun is shining and our elevator that was shorted out by the heavy rains may be working by the end of the day.  So look up and see the blue shining through because climbing stairs is tough work.



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