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Thinking About Rewarding G.W. Bush

North Miami Beach, FL 07-06-2005
A.H. Schectman

Now this might not be the easy job you thought about when you read the title of this piece.  After all, President George W. Bush, 43rd elected President of the United States of America must have some kind of legacy to leave the American People when he finishes his second and last term.  Some say that he is a lame duck President for he cannot run again.  His father, the 41st President, had accomplished something in government before he was elected.  No. 43 had only the governorship of a terribly run state and some oil and sports experience.  The libraries of the two men, united by birth, will be very different.

G.W. Bush will have left practically no literary record.  He is proud of his “C” record in Yale.  He is proud of his drinking before he became proud that he was born again.  But surely, as President who wants to be known as a WAR PRESIDENT, he must be rewarded in some substantial way.

I do not have the qualifications of an entire committee of those committed to thinking of a proper reward for this President who seems more interested in packing the Supreme and other courts with Conservatives who will be applauded by Fundamentalists and Evangelical Christians.  One might ask: What Would Jesus suggest as a Fitting Reward for G.W. Bush?

Former Presidents G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been given jobs or assumed work that was needed on an international scale.  One would think that having experience in the top job of the World, that G.W. Bush would have shown some enthusiasm for needed jobs besides rewarding his friends in Saudi Arabia by protecting them and encouraging the despoliation of natural resources with what some will agree with me is reckless abandon.

Mr. Bush’s friends will try to cobble together some fitting monument for his rewarding them so fulsomely over the years.  He needed them for he never would have gotten this far without the coterie with which he has surrounded himself.  He has already handed out medals for work yet to come to his favorites.  So, it is entirely fitting that they should form a committee to think about the reward this President deserves.

Some cynics might say that it is too soon to think in this way.  But, the days go by very fast and there is a lot of work ahead for this committee of Friends of G.W. Bush.



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