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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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When Will "They" Get Around to Me?

North Miami Beach, FL 06-29-2005
A.H. Schectman

That is a good question and I am not afraid if the answer is “Just wait, ‘THEY’ will”.  I write a good deal, a page a day at the very least, and I find that most of my thoughts revolve around subjects and my own ideas that deal with what others consider dishonorable and perhaps, even, seditious.  I have no problem with telling where I get my ideas from, however.  I just read the papers every morning and listen to the newscasts where opinions fly like dust in a windstorm.

I do fear that our country is on the wrong path following an inept and duplicitous leader.  In other countries the punishment for just that statement would be torture, debasement and incarceration where the actual punishment is meted out by criminals, many of whom cannot read and write a decent sentence.  My sentence for being like the two journalists who refused to tell their sources to the Federal inquisitors was administered by Supreme Court Justices who did not dispense justice but were complicit in changing the rules of the universe of discourse.

I confess to NOT giving equal time to subjects that are non-controversial.  But, wait, no matter what I think is non-controversial some topics will certainly offend someone and others will cry “Let’s Get HIM!” What drives me to be so reckless is the idea that we have free speech here in America and it is the fault of the guy who hears or reads my stuff if he doesn’t care for it.

Our traditions of free speech have always included the “other side” who are not satisfied with their free speech but who want to shut up opposition to their way of thinking.  I think that “they” will get around to me in short order.  The latest reports of thought police have spread since we got around to defining patriotism by an act of Congress and approval by this President.  If you don’t like what is being done in this country by our “leaders” or your neighbor who offended you sometime back this is the time to go get him - or me, in this instance.

My memory of being yelled at and told that my head was so far up my ass by an educated man who was running a meeting still rankles me.  It rankles me because I immediately looked around to see where that donkey was.  I spoke freely and I suppose that he who yelled so angrily was free to do so but this was in a meeting where we were discussing the disposition of funds belonging to all of us and I protested giving someone more than he deserved.  My opinion counted for nothing and those who took my side were silent – afraid that they would be yelled at too.



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