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Th Pyramids May Crumble

North Miami Beach, FL 05-11-05
A.H. Schectman

Surely the pyramids are crumbling just as mountains are subject to the laws of gravity. A leveling takes place even if it happens over eons of time.  Yet we like to build pyramids and other manifestations of memorials that have been erected by us humans. We have doggedly, through the record of history and the remains of pre-historic creations been builders, although those aged humans may have just been keeping their hearths and homes together.

What this is all about is the recent “unveiling” of a forest of pillars created by the German government (?) (With vocal dissenters) to memorialize THE Holocaust for which they were responsible along with Hitler and his Nazis in the brief period between the two world wars.  The unconditional surrender of the Axis forces was in 1945. It took Sixty years to create this “Memorial”. This forest of pillars will crumble one day – not long after the reason for their creation will have been forgotten.

The Yad Vashems, the chief one in Israel and the “Holocaust Memorials” that many Temples and Synagogues have erected to memorialize the dead from that singular and very important event, will one day be neglected shrines that will have lost their meaning and crumble. The U.S. in its might will also one day no longer be the democratic symbol of a light to the nations.

The huge carvings into mountains with visages of religious leaders such as Buddha have been tumbled down particularly after being detonated by the Taliban.  But, the creations of man whether in Asia or the Yucatan Peninsula have been slowly torn apart by the jungle that crept in after men were driven out by hunger or disease.  I suspect that after the impulse to create memorials to religion or the life and death of a single ruler, the time was reached where the drive to continue this practice was replaced by new and different men who derided the earlier monuments. They wondered, such as you and me, why such monuments and memorials were constructed.  These were new times that came with new men.

We have a need to leave a record in the hope that the monstrous deed that was done to some will never be forgotten. What we forget is that time seems to cover the monuments and memorials just as the vines, tendrils, leaves and trees grow over crumbling ruins helping them to crumble into smaller pieces.

Nothing lasts forever except, perhaps, the need for men to build monuments and memorials to mark their passing. The hordes of the dead who died for the ambitions of other men cannot really have a proper marker set into this earth until we end wars, fighting, senseless destruction and defeat disease and hunger.




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