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Lies That Mothers Try Not to Think About

North Miami Beach, FL 05-08-2005
A.H. Schectman

Mothers routinely lie to their children. They are complicit in accepting the falsehoods that create their conception of how the world works. Most of us think that lies are valid alternatives to being conflicted and roiled with guilt about meanness, selfishness and blindness to reality.  It is quite easy to say: to hell with the rest of the world - I want mine and I am going to keep it no matter how I refuse to see what is false and perverse - no matter that “truths” are trampled in the dust.  You can look the other way when something sour happens to others and deny that it affects you. But, it does and Mother abets it.  We deal with pressing problems another day instead of dealing with them immediately.  That type of lie causes needless death and suffering like the gigantic lie of genocide in Darfur and disease that runs rampant in other parts of the world. And, Mom is there to make you feel better. Let me kiss and make it better and keep you from seeing terrible things.

Of course war is a very big lie.  Wars do not have to happen. Unfortunately the leaders whose lies we believe lead us into death and destruction.  Most of these wars are like the juvenile declaration that says: “You can’t expect ME to take THAT from HIM?” We go to war on specious provocations or where none exist at all. The liar who is President and the choir who backs him are so loud that the rest of us haven’t found the knack to make our truths heard. The President’s mother and wife are enablers.

Our education is a lie because children ARE left behind.  The resources to make our PUBLIC schools sound and well are rerouted to special schools while those Public Schools are starved.  Any system that promotes benefits for the few over improving the lot of the many rests on lies. Mothers only fight for their own.

The accumulation and distribution of the wealth of our nation and of all nations is held by those who did not work for it. The idea that we can support the few in luxury without the ills that chain the many in poverty rests on lies.  Egalitarian ideas have always been attacked by those in power and who sit on the wealth unearned by those who guard it. Where is Mother’s role in this?

Hunger in a world of plenty is a lie.  Political promises still wait to be carried out while pollution and exploitation of finite resources go on unabated. We observe our leaders lie with smiling faces and simplifications and catch phrases and believe them every time.  We lie to ourselves and our children when we tell them to think only of “our crowd” and forget the past tales of pain and misery that follows others all the days of their short lives.  These are the lies mothers tell us not to think about.

                                        HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!




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