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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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The Religious "Hum Bug"

North Miami Beach, FL 05-06-2005
A.H. Schectman

I believe that some people think they have a conversation with “God” when they pray. Because they believe in the actuality of “SIN”, their greatest sin might be the dialogue they have with their substitute for “God”, the HUM BUG.  They hear what they translate into thoughts they wish to believe. They have created a chimera with which they speak although they cannot see this thing and do not hear it speak except in their own minds.  The HUM BUG is a powerful BEING that many believe speak for them despite never hearing a word or finding that word in any text: scientific, scholarly or religious.

The HUM BUG is referred to as the “Almighty” where believers defer to the BUG. They call the BUG, “Lord” or “Blessed Trinity” and believe they hear directives that tell them what to believe and how to achieve those beliefs by political action, particularly on the level of school board elections in places such as Kansas.  The latest position taken by those listening to the hum of the BUG is that there is an “intelligent design”, avoiding reference to evolutionary evidence collected through the millennia of human thinking, studying and making shrewd guesses.  The HUM BUG claims there IS evidence of intelligent design and believers brush aside lack of physical reality. They deny proof of geological and biological changes that have taken place in our world as shown by “science” and taught to our school children – in some schools - out of books written by scientists and teachers.

The believers in the HUM BUG created “intelligent design” as part of their plan to take over the minds of the citizens of the United States and have them accept a specific religion as truth.  This may have taken place in Muslim countries - see what happened to them.  Instead of advancing the science of the sciences they are trying to pull down the authority of knowledge and replace it with belief. Science is filled with collections of facts. Small frightened minds want to chase their more educated betters out of the schools.  Those who believe in the HUM BUG want a sort of religious-ethical -intellectual cleansing and want to be left alone with their beliefs.

The Scopes trial which put evolution in court accused Darwin as mistaken. What he described could not be true.  Almost daily there are accounts of paleontologists unearthing buried bones of creatures that must have come from before THE FLOOD.  But, how could that be?  All life as we know it is only a few thousand years old says the HUM BUG. Our senses tell us differently but we must be listening to that old SATAN who has clouded our eyes and ears so that we must only see and hear what the BIBLE and our Ministers tell us. Beware the HUM BUG my child; he tells you to get down on your knees, believe, pray and cover your umbilical.





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