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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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When Enough Is Enough

North Miami Beach, FL Month DD, YYYY
A.H. Schectman

I have found that there are people who have agendas that are not responsive to any attempts to meet their requests, demands or helplessness – all things requiring YOU to do something on their behalf.  I found this true with hapless professors who knew nothing of the power of union and thought nothing of stabbing a colleague in the back if some thought it would further their careers. Then there are the people who call you to sell you something.  I have been getting calls from an automatic calling device in Arizona where there is an attempt to sell me something I do not want nor need, but is speechless after I scramble for the phone to answer it as though it were worth the effort.  People I want to hear from do not call but these audio-idiots try and try again with my patience wearing thin.

There is a situation that has developed in our Condominium where a newcomer has enlisted my help as the President to deal with her mold found in her bedroom and in a closet.  She and her mother keep the windows open despite the humidity here in Florida which feeds the mold that started with a leak somewhere in the walls between apartments.  It is quite possible that the leak originated in the roof and I called a roofer in to check. The owner of the mold has, however decided that it was not her housekeeping that allowed the mold to take over, but her next door neighbor who had upgraded her apartment and the shower there.  This is an idée fixe in this woman and her father who bought the apartment for her and his estranged wife.  He is in attendance at times to exacerbate the attempts to find the source of the water, the leak and the mold. He tells US when the leak comes.

Now, I have acted in my job as President far beyond the description of the job. I have canvassed the other apartments surrounding the moldy apartment and found they have leaks either from the roof or from the recent hurricanes.  They have no mold for they use a chlorine product to kill the mold.  I suggested the same to the complaining lady and brought in a jug of the stuff and painted the mold (it had grown aggressively) and the mold dissolved.  I also showed the product DAMP  RID which works to wring water out of the air into the bottom of a plastic container – we use it is our closed closets.  There is a lot more to the story and my part in it.  I have this streak of “you must help others” and I even climbed the roof despite my new knees to look for a leak that logic says must be there.  The roofer and I found a leak. The lady played helpless and entitled.  I gave her problem my best shot.

I have sent my last letter outlining what I have done to help this person and made the statement that I will no longer be available.  I gave the names of all the other Board Members and told her to choose one and get help in that direction. When enough is enough – it is enough!



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