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North Miami Beach, FL 03-02-2005
A.H. Schectman

We had a lovely visit with children of a friend who still lives up north. They stopped on the way from snorkeling and meetings and we caught up on a lot of good stuff about family. An interesting topic was mentioned during dinner and I had to have Caroline write it down for me so I could do some research and tell you about it.

I found the following in the Dictionary and on the Internet.  “Re* pris ti* na” tion\, noun. Restoration to an original state, renewal of purity”. There is a Repristination Press run by Orthodox Lutherans. I also found an advertisement for technical work that would restore gadgets to their original state of perfect working condition.  But the most interesting meaning of the word “repristination” was mentioned by our young friends in connection with people who were pestering our friend up in Pennsylvania to be repristinated.  In their understanding of the word, she could at our advanced age be returned to her original state of virginity or, upon inspection be shown that it had happened.  

There is no end to the variety of ideas with which people occupy themselves.  So, I suppose that making a woman past menopause virgin once again is arcane credulity or there is some kind of manipulation involved.  This was not revealed to me.  But the idea of repristination works for me when you think of getting that old vacuum cleaner or radio that is on a shelf somewhere back to work again, the notion is not so strange.

I have no idea why Jesus should be invoked with the power to re-virginize women past their child bearing lives. The reasons for this must lie somewhere in old l5th Century ecclesiastical tomes where the church fathers did a little “pilpul” or hair splitting on the meaning of words about the ideas and works in their little worlds of belief. The Lutherans were and are serious about this idea but I have not found any other sect that deals with the seriousness of this idea of restoring people to their original state.

I have one question.  Unlike the repaired radio or vacuum cleaner which cannot grow or change into some advanced model, the repristination specialists in people want to go back to a stage of life that spans quite a few years.  How far back do they want to go?  That involves a great deal more speculation and, I suspect, quite a few fights over the correct year when virginity restored would be nubile enough to please either the female involved or – does this include the male of the species, too?  I wonder.





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