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Essays on Issues, Ideas and Reflections on the Times. Published now and
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Erosion, Evolution and Stubborn Belief

North Miami Beach, FL 02-27-2005
A.H. Schectman

All of us are subject to the same forces at work in the world. One is erosion that wears down mountains along with the pull of gravity and rain that seeks its own level.  We humans cannot see the vast changes that take place over eons of time but the record is there.  Our scientists have proven that monumental forces have been at work to sculpt our continents from a “Pangaea”, a single continent - at one time the home of primordial frictions that brought forth huge fantastic life forms from simple organisms.  These predate the emergence or “creation” of our own kind. Moral dissidents to this way of thinking are mired in their own beliefs and deny evolution occurred.

Little lizards we see down here in Florida and the elusive, secretive crocodiles and alligators devolved from the dinosaurs that left the oceans and became land dwellers where they once ruled by their size and ferocity – the bigger feeding on the smaller.  They occupied and dominated lands that separated along faults and fissures making the map of our familiar world.  Evolution works with change in two ways.  Either the small grow gigantic or the monstrous shrink to familiar sizes consistent with our size and limited potential.  The discovery of little humanoids on an island in the Philippines has given us information about the variation of our race of humans throwing both the Creationists and the Paleontology/Anthropologists into fits of stronger belief in impossible things or wonderment at the infinite inevitability of variation. All agree that a single creative surge produced our kind that rule our planet and all the living creatures in, under, above and on it.

Scientists and Creationists are stubborn thinkers once they become comfortable with facts or words on which they agree (among themselves). The cold blooded dinosaur races were undisputable kings of evolution and/or creation until they were displaced by other races of beings, notably the mammals that were warm blooded.  The changes in our world’s ecology were not wrought by the cold blooded ones. We find evidence of the first rulers of the world mostly through the forces of erosion that allow a tooth, bone or whole skeletal array to surface.  Our belief about them changes with each revolution of our planet about the sun changing the idea of who we are and from where we came.

What it comes down to is the conflict between ideas that try to deny the existence of proofs or facts or even logic whether it is between competing notions about creation (make that intelligent design) or which science has made the stronger argument. The interesting thing is the fact that stubbornness (possibly the trait responsible for our continued existence despite our fervent efforts to destroy the world as we know it, is the persistent quality possessed by evolution and erosion – and, oh yes, belief in the creation story.



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