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Gravitas and Gravity - An Imaginative Essay in the Form of a Story

North Miami Beach, FL 02-12-2005
A.H. Schectman

I’ve been thinking about introducing my anti-gravity formulation of what I choose to call “interferon”, although that name has already been used in another context. This calls for “gravitas” or an application of seriousness in the language I plan to employ in talking about “anti-gravity” which for many is obviously not to be taken seriously.  But, just think about how congested, polluted and anti-intellectual is in the kind of world we have developed where we are mired down and should rise ABOVE the mess instead of being caught in the increasingly numerous traffic locks.

My development of interferon rests on a simple idea and we all may wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. We have examples of escaping the pull of gravity in the very air around us. Set up a kite and on a windy day you have trouble pulling it down or it may just “fly away”.  That is only one example. We all have experimented with magnets at one time or another.  This is not just the refrigerator door magnets glued to the back of souvenirs brought back from foreign parts. But keep this in mind for a minute or two. If you take two magnets and each has four sides (six altogether if you include top and bottom) but the main ones are the polar ends that can “repel” each other by judicious positioning them so you can actually have one hover above the other although the pull of our main gravity system works to get them to topple and get aligned.  Keep this in mind, also.  You will note the gravitas in the way I am explaining this.

On all of my trips on cruise ships I notice things.  People in foreign lands are much like us but in many instances their customs are either quaint or unexplainable. We come to stare at them in the comfort of our buses and river craft that on off-ship rambles traverse THEIR lands and in their countries we expect that comfort to exceed that which we see all about us. So, I notice things and one time I saw something that recalled the whole world of gravity in which we are immersed – but here was an exception.  I noticed a small boy playing with what I though was a toy but it did things that toys simply do not do.  It had two parts and he was moving the bottom part while the top part was about two inches above following his motions in all directions.  In other words, he was defeating the pull of gravity with parts of a “toy” that he was “playing with”. It was an astounding thing to witness in the sort of blink of an eye as the bus plowed on down a dirty street in front of shacks lacking paint that were very old and in need of extensive repair.

What an adventurer and an inventor has to do in these situations is to mark down in a record book (I always carry one and recently have acquired an electronic one that sends wireless messages to my computer which stores all my notes as I write them.  How I found the material that composes interferon will have to wait because I have reached the bottom of this page. (Story continues if encouraged)



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