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I consider the essays of THINKING ALLOWED as a continuing conversation based on my varied interests.  I MUST write each day usually just after I wake up. Credit is always given when I find that someone has tickled my interest in a subject printed in some publication.  Then there are times when an idea will strike me and I will write my thoughts and publish a page for THINKING ALLOWED.

I am responsible for what I write and encourage adding to my ideas or expressions of differences of opinion. My writing these pages began when I found it necessary to communicate with my sons who no longer lived with me. I wanted to inform them of vital family information to give them an historical perspective unavailable anywhere else. Independent of family matters I began to generalize my essays to include ideas, issues and my reflections on the times. THINKING ALLOWED became a daily self-appointed task. I have accumulated many thousands of pages that are posted on this Website.

My routine is to write and get Carol to proofread the content and then correct or add to the content in order that the copy I send to readers of my e-mails and the pages added to THINKING ALLOWED is what I wanted to say.

My favorite subjects are: Utopia, Puppetry, and Carving, Making Musical Instruments, Singing and Playing my collection of instruments (learning how in many cases), Politics, the Environment, Equality and the Preservation of Democracy. I rarely venture into the world of sports or become enmeshed with the foibles of “celebrities”.  I venerate history especially Archeology and Anthropology. As a former professor of education I hope my contribution is in line with that great American tradition of thinking freely, often and widely.

One of my correspondents closes with “Life is a Journey, enjoy the ride”.  I agree and would invite any and all who receive my THINKING ALLOWED pages to join me in the pastime of thinking about almost anything. On these pages THINKING is ALLOWED and I eagerly wait for responses that disagree and show me the way to further understanding. In this way, THINKING ALLOWED becomes a dialogue and I welcome all and hope you will continue to read what I write.

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